Education Faculty

      Education faculty has been operating since 2017. The Faculty has been preparing teachers who can teach in international lyceum and gymnasium, along with secondary schools. Education Faculty aims to train professionals who can teach subjects in English and the Faculty has a long and experienced system.

Currently, about 932 students are studying at the faculty on 11 bachelor's and 3 master's degrees majors. Most students study on a state basis. Education for 80% of undergraduate students is in English. The number of foreign students at the faculty is 20. In the academic year 2019-2020, one undergraduate student receives Presidential Scholarships and 119 students receive a "Future Teacher" scholarship. 

There are 119 staff members at the faculty, including 102 academic staff and 17 technical assistants. The pedagogical staff of the faculty includes young, dynamic, and has internationally-trained personnel at different levels in our country and abroad, alongside with renowned experienced lecturers in the country. Some of the faculty staff have participated in national projects related to education and are continuing their activities. Such projects comprise curriculum subject Olympiads, preparation of alternative textbooks and etc. Direct relations of employees with secondary education positively affects the training of specialists for that level. 

The material and technical base of the faculty ensures qualified teacher training. There are also the following types of modern laboratories alongside with auditoriums equipped with technical equipments: Biology Laboratory, Chemical Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Informatics Laboratory, Simultaneous Translation Laboratory, Lifelong Learning Laboratory. 

Technical capabilities, experienced staff and transparent environment are available at the faculty for the training of teachers that meet modern requirements. A valuable experience in the organization and management of the pedagogical process has been formed.  The new conditions created at the BEU allow the teacher training to be conducted at higher level. As mentioned in a statement made by our National Leader Heydar Aliyev “Teaching is both honorable and difficult. Working as a university lecturer, preparing teachers, teaching the future teachers is twice honorable and responsible”, we understand its difficulty and perceive its responsibility. 

       The majors of Azerbaijani Language and Literature, Mathematics Education(English), Physics Education(English), Mathematics and Informatics Education(English and Azerbaijani), Translation(English), English language and Literature(English), Primary School Education(English and Azerbaijani), Preschool Teacher Education(English), Chemistry Education(English), Biology Education(English), Chemistry and Biology Education offer bachelor’s degree, while the majors of Azerbaijani Language, Azerbaijani Literature, and Education Management offer master’s degree at the Education Faculty. Graduates will have an opportunity to work in secondary schools, and preschool education institutions, as well as in foreign language-oriented lyceum and gymnasiums by successfully passing teacher’s recruitment exam.

Our staff

Elşad Abdullayev

Position: Dean

Seyran Qayıbov

Position: Deputy Dean on Education

Kənan Bəşirov

Position: Deputy Head of Dean

Hümbət Əliyev

Department: Mathematics and Informatics

Position: Head of Department

Rakib Əfəndiyev

Department: Mathematics

Position: Head of Department

Nərminə Əliyeva

Department: English language

Position: Head of Department

Təranə Hacıyeva

Department: Azerbaijani language and pedagogy

Position: Head of Department

Elmar İmanov

Department: Chemistry and Biology

Position: Head of Department

Ətrabə Gül

Department: Foreign languages

Position: Head of Department

Aqil Xanməmmədov

Department: Mathematics

Position: Professor

Həmzağa Orucov

Department: Mathematics

Position: Professor

Niftalı Qocayev

Department: Physics

Position: Professor