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About BEU Technopark:

Technopark of Baku Engineering University (BEU) is the first and most active structural unit among higher education institutions in Azerbaijan. The activity of Technopark has been organized since the establishment of BEU (November 8, 2016). The new regulation of Technopark was approved by the Scientific Council of the University.


BEU Technopark aims to promote the University as a competitive higher education institution in the international arena, as well as to create an ecosystem that can provide modern infrastructure and research opportunities for relevant companies, researchers and academic staff through university-industry cooperation.


The responsibilities of BEU Technopark include the following:

1. To act as a coordinating structural unit of BEU for the organization and effective coordination of the relations among the business world and the academic staff and students of the University and the joint research works.

2. To create a favorable environment (ecosystem) for achieving effective results together with professionals of the business world by evaluating the teaching and research activities of the University and to involve relevant companies in BEU as residents.

3. To increase the material and technical base and scientific supply opportunities of the University, the efficiency of work, as well as to involve and support academic staff and students in real and commercialized research work.

4.  To encourage and support academic staff and students in entrepreneurial activities, as well as to work for the development of entrepreneurial culture.

5. To support the organization and coordination of "Research and Development (R&D)" activities in order to produce value-added and high-tech services or products and find more efficient solutions.

6. To support the sustainable development of the economy in our country, including the non-oil sector, by developing various innovative programs and projects.

7. To actively participate in the process through the transfer of technology (knowledge and experience) and the formation of various working groups in order to master the rapidly developing high-tech innovations in the world and apply them in the industrial enterprises of our country.

8. To develop programs and projects for the organization and promotion of the implementation of "Startup" and "Social Entrepreneurship" programs in our country based on the experience of foreign countries.

9. To work on the preparation and successful implementation of various business and grant projects within the framework of "University-industry cooperation" and "Public-private partnership".

10. To cooperate with Technoparks of our country and various foreign countries (Science (Knowledge), Industrial Parks and Industrial Quarters), Tech Transfer Offices (TTO), Incubation and Acceleration Centers, as well as to support startup and innovation-oriented ideas.

11. To increase the number of BEU's foreign partners through international organizations, embassies and transnational corporations (TNCs), as well as to support their development within joint grants and business projects.

12. To organize the development and implementation of various awareness-raising activities and projects in accordance with the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together with the faculty, departments and relevant units of BEU.

13. To prepare proposals to the administration for the implementation of activities permitted by law and beneficial to the development of the University.


Contact BEU Technopark:

Information about the activities of BEU Technopark is available on the Facebook page.

Tel: +994 12 349-99-66/67 (internal number: 3-217)