Student Scientific Society


SSS implements the student-oriented projects, workshops, scientific festivals and competitions, and prepares students for the future!

    Student Scientific Society of Baku Engineering University is a voluntary public organization of undergraduate and graduate students at Baku Engineering University, and has been established for the organization and coordination of scientific research and scientific-practical activities of students.


The goals and objectives of the Baku Engineering University Student Scientific Society:

  - Involving students in scientific research activities and organizing this activity,

  - Based on the principle of unity of science, education and practice, promoting the various forms of scientific creativity among students, increasing the interest of young people in these forms and conducting fundamental researches,

  - Creating motivation for students to explore research and scientific methods,

  - Organization of scientific seminars and conferences, student scientific works as well as course, graduation, dissertation competitions, Olympiads on different subjects and disciplines, discussion clubs, symposia, seminars of famous scientists,

  - Involving dtudents in scientific centers, technoparks, idea incubators, etc.


The structure of the BEU Student Scientific Society:

Chairman of the Student Scientific Society

Deputy Chairmen of Student Scientific Society

  • Deputy Chairman for Internal Affairs
  • Deputy Chairman for Foreign Affairs

Chairmen of Student Scientific Society for departments

  • Chairman for Management Department
  • Chairman for Scientific Affairs and Projects Department
  • Chairman for the Public Relations Department
  • Chairman for Human Resource Department

Chairmen of Student Scientific Society for faculties

  • Chairman for Education Faculty
  • Chairman for Engineering Faculty
  • Chairman for the Faculty of Economics