BEU Student Youth Organization


   Baku Engineering University (BEU) Student Youth Organization (SYO) has been operating since February 2016. Student Youth Organization was established by a joint project of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education. The main purposes of the Student Youth Organization are to protect rights, educate, and arrange leisure time activities for the students effectively. The activity plan of SYO is based on projects prepared by the Board of Directors and members of the organization. The management system of the Student Youth Organization of Baku Engineering University is implemented by the chair and vice-chairmen. The Chairman and deputies ensure the stability of the established system, eliminate the problems of the departments, determine the overall strategy of SYO and oversee its implementation.

SYO Departments specializing in the main directions are:

Management Department

   Management Department is responsible for the organization of projects and their management during any event. There are students and faculty chairs within this department. Faculty chairs act on behalf of the students in the Faculty Scientific Councils. In general, SYO’s relations with all students as well as delivery of information, announcements are provided through faculty and department chairs.

Projects Department

   This department works on projects. A simple project form is created for writing projects, and then students can apply and submit their projects. The Projects Department selects the best of these forms and submits them to the chair and vice-chairmen.

Human Resource Department

   The Human Resources Department is interested in issues related to TGT members. The department is responsibility for recruiting the members, organizing invitations to projects, registering members who participate in projects, and giving students "Individual Activity" score.

Media and Design Department

   The Media and Design Department is managing SYO’s social networking accounts. Announcement is made and delivered to the students by the Department. There is also a design department within this department. The main task of the Department of Media and Design is to make all these activities more available to students.

Azerbaijan Students Card Department

   ASC Department implements the registration of student discount cards, distribution of the cards and finding new sponsors for ASC. The ASC Department registers students every day between 10:40 AM and 2:40 PM and presents their cards.