Creative Arts

   The cultural life of Baku Engineering University(BEU) is unique. Department of Creative Arts, which pays special attention to the development of students, emphasizes the meaning and essence of art, its profound impact on people's hearts, feelings, beliefs, its educational value, its ideological and aesthetic quality. The University has created an environment for the development of new talents in various areas of amateur arts, and this promotes the moral and ethical standards of all levels and has the practical impact of calling young people to perfection. Amateur arts groups are closely involved in the events devoted to significant historical days and events, public holidays and important events in the life of the country. Students, participating in amateur groups, organize presentations, entertainment and holiday programs, memorable and creative events, exhibitions, and demonstrate great skills and abilities in holding and organizing cultural events. 


    Amateur dance collective of the University was founded in 2002 by People's Artist Yusif Gasimov. The repertoire of the collective includes Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Turkish, Uzbek and other dances, as well as European dances. Amateur dance collective performs at the University's art programs on significant dates and events, events related to important events in the Republic, and represents the University in various contests and festivals. Amateur dance collective of the University prepares individual and collective dances consisting of boys and girls. “Popuri” consisting of Azerbaijani and national folk dances such as «Azerbaijan», “Nalbaki”, “Naz elama” , “Shali-shali”, “Gavalla rags”, “Sudan galan surmali giz” that was prepared by artistic director of the girls’ dance collective Sabina Ismayilova is known for its lyricism, elegance and refinement.  Azerbaijani and national folk dances, including “Şəki”, “Qazağı”, “İgidlər” və “Qaytağı” that were prepared by artistic director of the boys' dance collective Rauf are known for their rhythm, strength and temperament.  “Yalli”, “Azerbaijan suitasi” and other lyrical dances representing our national music, customs and folklore and performed by both groups have a special place in the world.

   Success of amateur dance collective increases every year. They were the winners of “Tələbə baharı” Creative Festival organized by The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union. 

Student studio theater

    Theatrical art has become a necessary spiritual need of every young person studying at the university. The Student Studio Theater operates as part of the Creative Arts Department. Student Studio Theater operates as a two-drama amateur group and Club of the Funny and Inventive People. The staff of the Student Studio Theater of BEU prepares performances that meet modern requirements in terms of connection with modern life. Amateur students not only enjoy the aesthetics of the theater, but also raise their level of knowledge and culture. The repertoire includes thematic plays dedicated to historical and significant days, as well as classical and historical themes.

     On the basis of the structure given by the artistic director of the amateur group, PhD. in Art History Zamina Akhundova, performances of on the basis of plays, including A.Samadli's “Qanlı bənövşə”, A.Safarli’s “Sən kimə güllə atacaqsan”, F.Karrinti’s “Təhsil haqqını geri qaytarın”, A.Mehdiyev’s “Başlanğıc”, C.Mammadquluzada’s “Kamancha”, Haji Mirabdulla’s “Xocalıdan gələn səslər”, as well as literary-artistic compositions “Tarixin Xocalı dərsi”, “Şəhidlər ölməz, Vətən bölünməz”, “Qış nağılı” were prepared.

    Club of the Funny and Inventive People which operates as part of the Creative Arts Department, has successfully participated in various competitions, including the Inter-School National KVN Super League, organized by the Baku Club of the Funny and Inventive People  in the House of Actors.

Amateur music

    The University's amateur music group includes amateur groups in various genres of music: choir, solo performance, rock music, etc. operates. The choir, consisting of students with musical ability, voice, general performance and solo abilities and skills, closely helps to educate young people in the spirit of national patriotism and to raise their artistic and aesthetic level. The repertoire of the amateur ensemble includes works by Azerbaijani composers and Azerbaijani folk songs, as well as songs of different nations in different languages. Along with the use of our folklore, classics, works of modern poets and composers, a wide range of works glorifying the love for our homeland, the freedom and integrity of our lands are widely covered In the performances of collective and solo performers.

   Vugar Mammadov, the artistic director of the amateur music ensemble, not only preserves the world traditions of choral singing, but also pays special attention to solo performances. The amateur music ensemble has repeatedly participated in festivals, competitions, was awarded honorary diplomas, and in recent years has achieved great success in choir and solo performance. Ensemble was awarded in the nominations of "Pop music", "Classical music", "Vocal genre", "Folk songs" o of the Republican creative festival entitled "Student Spring" held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union.

Ensemble of national musical instruments

    The ensemble, composed of national musical instruments, includes tar, saz, garmon, nagara. National Musical Instruments Ensemble has been rebuilt since 2017. Under the direction of the artistic director of the ensemble Vugar Mammadov, the ensemble works purposefully in the survival, enrichment of our national musical folklore, as well as in the formation of professional music and the emergence of works of new composers on the national ground.