Student Trade Union Committee


    Baku Engineering University Student Trade Union Committee (STUC) protects the rights of students. Students can contact Student Trade Union for a variety of issues. The committee tries to solve the students' problems in their favor.

    STUC also plays an important role in the arrangement of students' social life. The club is very active in the organization and implementation of both scientific and practical and social projects. The Committee organizes activities and projects aimed at expanding students' career opportunities, effective arrangement of their leisure time activities, and improving their knowledge and skills.

    There are the following clubs within the Student Trade Union:


    ASAN Volunteers Club

    Electronic Sport Club

    Philosophy Club

    Football Club

    Young Teachers Club

    IKiGAI Motivation Club

    Economics Club

    Talent Club

    Multiculturalism Club

    MUN (Model United Nations) Club

    Prometey Intellectual Club

    Process Automation Club

    Real Games Club

    Drawing Club

    Health Club

    Cinema Club

    Chess Club

    Cheerful and Witty Club

    Taghiyev Charity Club

    TEDEX Club

    Techno Club

    Tennis Club