Trade Union Committee 


            About the committee:

- The Trade Union Committee of Baku Engineering University (BEU) has been operating since April 14, 2017.

- BEU TUC has 478 members. The committee has a 5-member review board, 3-member inspection commission and 17 committee members..

- The committee organizes the effective use of the team's leisure time and participation in cultural and mass events, as well as helps to strengthen the social protection of members.

  Chairman of BEU Trade Union Committee: Doctor of History, Professor Shikar Mahammadali oglu Gasimov

  Mission- sustainable social environment, decent work and healthy lifestyle.


- Support initiatives;

- Labor stimulation;

- Contribution to the development of collective relations;

- Social support;

- The structure of BEU TUC:

- University organizations

- Commissions

  6 bureaus and 3 commissions operate within BEU TUC.


- Engineering faculty bureau

- Pedagogical faculty bureau

- Faculty of Architecture and Construction bureau 

- Economics and Administrative Sciences faculty bureau

- All-university departments bureau

- Household division bureau


- Cultural-mass work commission

- Disciplinary, teaching, and socio-economic affairs commission

- Sports and creativity (self-activity) commission