Why Baku Engineering Universiy? 

-         English language-oriented teaching system;

-         High quality education;

-         Opportunity to practice abroad and student exchange;

-         An additional 15 new specialties that are in great demand in the existing labor market in the last 2 years;

-         A new educational building under construction;

-         Modern classrooms to support the teaching process;

-         Availability of laboratories equipped with the latest equipment;

-         Library with educational and scientific literature fund;

-         Access to rooms equipped with computers connected to the Internet;

-         Operating as an e-university since its establishment;

-         Establishing cooperation with private and public institutions in order to provide graduates with jobs;

-         Opportunity for graduates to continue their education in world-renowned universities, as well as work in prestigious companies around the world;

-         Opportunity to join the dual degree program between BEU and Inha University of South Korea;

-         Opportunity to take advantage of free Korean language courses;

-         Two dormitories (boys’ and girls’) that meet the most modern requirements.




Dual degree program between Baku Engineering University and Inha University






Baku Engineering University (BEU) and Inha University of South Korea are accepting applications for the Bachelor's degree in Engineering for the academic year  2021/2022.



About program:


Application to the Dual Diploma Program between Baku Engineering University (BMU) and Inha University of South Korea for the 2021/2022 academic year on the specialties of Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering is carried out within the framework of the “State Program on Increasing the International Competitiveness of the Higher Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023”. 


Applicants who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and have scored the relevant passing score for each specialty in the exam organized by the State Examination Center (SEC) can participate in the program. Applicants who successfully pass the competition organized by BEU and Inha University will be able to study at one of the 4 specialties at the expense of the state. 





1) Information Technology (passing score - 400)

2) Civil Engineering (passing score – 350)

3) Electrical engineering (passing score - 350)

4) Electronics engineering (passing score - 350)



Quota: 100 places (25 people in each specialty)



Model of the program: 3 years - in Azerbaijan, 1 year - in South Korea.


The program is based on the 3 + 1 model. Thus, according to the dual degree program, students will study for 3 academic years at BEU, and 1 academic year (last year) at Inha University in South Korea. At the end of 4 years, students will receive two diplomas. The current program is fully funded by the state for 4 years. The program also envisages the participation of students in a 3-week summer school in South Korea at the end of the second year. Moreover, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to continue their master's and doctoral studies on scholarships in South Korea.



Education language:


English at BEU for 3 years (some subjects are in Azerbaijani), and Korean at Inha University for 1 year.


During the 3-year study period at BEU, students will be taught Korean language classes, which are a condition of the program to develop relevant language skills, and they will take exams in the 2nd and 3rd academic years to obtain a TOPIK certificate, respectively. Students who successfully pass the exams will continue their education in Korean at Inha University in South Korea in the 4th academic year.



Financial expenses of students:


The costs covered by the State Program are as follows:

-         Tuition fees for students;

-         Registration fee;

-         Access to training materials and electronic information resources;

-         -         1 year education expenses in South Korea;

-          -       Costs of attending a 3-week summer school in South Korea.



Graduates of the program will have:


Graduates of the program will learn international experience and acquire modern knowledge and skills in these fields of engineering.



Admission terms:


1) Candidates who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and participated in the exams of the State Examination Center (SEC) in 2021 and scored the appropriate passing score for each specialty can participate in the program;

2) Candidates who apply to the program must successfully pass the oral English and subject competition (mathematics and physics) jointly organized by BMU and Inha University. The exact time of registration and internal exam for participation in the competition will be announced. 


Required documents:


1)    Application form;

2)    Self-introduction (for English interview);

3)    3.5x4.5 color photo;;

4)    Copy of ID card;

5)     English translation and notarization of the certificate (original version of the document must be submitted at the time of admission to the University);

6)    An official document confirming the score obtained in both exams conducted by the SEC;

7)    English language certificate: IELTS or TOEFL (if any). 

To participate in the competition organized by Inha University and BEU, applicants must complete the online application form and submit the required documents in the   online application form.



About Inha University:


The University is one of the leading universities in South Korea in the fields of engineering, business administration, medicine and social sciences. Inha University is a higher education institution that conducts various researches, has relations with many prestigious higher education institutions of the world and has more than 20,000 students. For more information on the Dual Degree Program and Inha University, visit the links below: 


(1) (AZ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7S6FlzX-gU

(2) (ENG): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vJ9jTfusHM

(3)  (RUS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64C1E5lrXNs

(4) https://eng.inha.ac.kr/  



 For more intormation, please visit the following link:


-       ELAN 2021/2022

-       FAQ/MVS  (frequently asked questions)

-       Instructions for conducting the internal exam 





Questions related to BEU-Inha DDP should be sent to the e-mail address beu-inha@beu.edu.az and to the official Facebook page of the DDP www.facebook.com/ddp.beu.inha or it is possible to call the number (+994 12) 349-99-66/67 (internal number: 2423). 



Bachelor's degree


ACADEMIC YEAR 2019/2020 
N Department Section

On a paid basis

At the expense of state

1 Business Administration AZ 274.5 -
2 Business Administration EN 185.1 556.8
3 Public Administration AZ 284.2 347.9
4 Public Administration EN 200.0/64.4 349.8
5 Economics AZ 281.5 -
6 Economics EN 200.0/51.0 547.8
7 Finance AZ 307.3 -
8 Finance EN 256.9 606.1
9 Accounting and Audit AZ 316.6 -
10 Accounting and Audit EN 200.0/91.5 566.2
11 Design AZ 120.3 157.0
12 Design EN 125.7 153.7
13 Ecological Engineering EN 200.0 313.1
14 Electrical Engineering AZ 200.0/65.7 202.2/67.1
15 Power Systems Engineering AZ 217.6 318.6
16 Information Technology AZ 400.6 400.6
17 Information Technology EN 541.2 541.2
18 Civil Engineering AZ 250.0/51.0 264.0
19 Civil Engineering EN 250.0 348.2
20 Chemical Engineering EN 200.0/76.1 375.8
21 Computer Engineering AZ 473.6 473.6
22 Computer Engineering EN 549.9 549.9
23 Logistics and Transport Engineering AZ 200.0 268.7
24 Machine Engineering AZ 200.0 219.5
25 Machine Engineering EN 200.0 313.3
26 Architecture AZ 200.0/51.0 287.3
27 Architecture EN 200.0 327.6
28 Mechanical Engineering AZ 200.0 233.6
29 Mechanical Engineering EN 200.0 269.1
30 Engineering Systems and Pipeline Engineering AZ 200.0 237.4
31 Engineering Systems and Pipeline Engineering EN 200.0 332.1
32 Transportation Engineering AZ 250.0/51.0 285.7/72.1
33 Process Automation Engineering AZ 289.9 367.2
34 Industrial Engineering AZ 200.0 257.3
35 Industrial Engineering EN 200.0 314.6
36 System Engineering AZ 311.5 365.4
37 Urban Planning AZ 200.0 241.8
38 Biology Education EN 304.3 387.0
39 Physics Education EN 200.0 390.4
40 Chemistry Education EN 323.8 450.2
41 Mathematics Education EN 317.2 412.9
42 Mathematics and Informatics Education EN 469.7 469.7


Master's degree


Daha ətraflı: http://beu.edu.az/az/page/magistratura-doktorantura-157


Videos on the departments for applicants