Master's and Doctoral degrees 


 Implements the following general work and methodological and organizational functions related to graduate degree:

Graduate Studies and Doctoral Department operates at BEU to carry out the functions mentioned above. The department also performs methodological and organizational functions on the following issues related to the doctoral contingent at the University:

The University also offers an MBA program.


Department Head  Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mahir Bashirov

Senior specialist Doctor of Philosophy in Physics Ulkar Abdurahmanova

Specialist – PhD. student Zahid Idriszada



Doctoral degree 

On approval of "Regulations on the procedure for awarding academic degrees" and "Regulations on the procedure for awarding academic titles"

Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Amendments to the "Rules on the establishment and admission to doctoral studies"


Master's degree

 Department for the master's degree in the academic year 2022/2023

 Content and organization of master's degree education and procedures for granting the "master's" degrees

On approval of "Regulations on procedures for preparation, presentation and defence of Master's Thesis"