Valedictorian of Baku Engineering University

24 Jun 2022
Valedictorian of Baku Engineering University

Shahnaz Huseynova, a final year student of Finance (English department) at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Baku Engineering University (BEU), has been the valedictorian of 2022.

After graduating from high school with honors in 2018, Sh. Huseynova, scoring 675 points in the entrance exams to higher education institutions, preferred BEU in her choice of specialty. During her study, Shahnaz Huseynova was distinguished by her activity. She was a member of the international youth organization - AIESEC, and actively participated in many events.

Furthermore, Sh.Huseynova, who underwent an internship at the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, was selected for the Young Economists Program implemented by the Easy-Peasy Economics platform.

Not content with the knowledge and skills he acquired on the path to success, development and achievement, BEU student, constantly working on herself and continuing her personal development, was improving herself both scientifically and practically. As a result of these efforts and goals, Sh.Huseynova scored 317 points in the international GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) exam.

Shahnaz Huseynova, valedictorian of BEU, expressed her endless gratitude to her family and teachers who always supported her for achievements.

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