Second stage of trainings and internship starts as part of BEU - "AzSMART" LLC cooperation

22 Nov 2022
Second stage of trainings and internship starts as part of BEU - "AzSMART" LLC cooperation

The second stage of the project implemented within the framework of cooperation between Baku Engineering University (BEU) and "AzSMART" Limited Liability Company (LLC), starting from April this year, has been launched.

In the first stage of the project aimed to increase students' practical knowledge, skills and competences, trainings were held for 12 selected students on the structure, working principles and full diagnostics of the new generation Control Cash Register (CCR) as an electronic device. In the trainings, attention was paid to the detection and elimination of technical malfunctions that occurred during operation, the correct use of tools in repair processes, and the issues of physically damaged screen and printing device repair. Students also acquired the knowledge of connecting the same CCRs for operation by customers and providing instructions for operation to customers. Among the students involved in the project, 6 students who were most active and demonstrated high knowledge, skills and competence were given the right to work as interns in the office of "AzSMART" LLC, and they continue their practical activities to this day.

In the second stage, which started in November, 16 students were divided into 5 working groups and involved in practice and training. In the initial training, they were given knowledge about the proper use of tools used in repair processes, ways to change batteries for CCRs, and similar tasks.

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