BEU students’ next success

07 Dec 2019
BEU students’ next success

The University team has been awarded “ICPC 2019-2020 Azerbaijan Champions Certificate” and “Certificate of High  Achievement of South Caucasus Open Championship” 

    Students of Baku Engineering University (BEU) have participated in the semifinal of the 44th ICPC 2019-2020 NERC-International Collegiate Programming Contest and the South Caucasus Open Championship held at Business and Technology University in Tbilisi.

     BEU was represented by 2 teams in the competitions. During the individual competition of “the South Caucasus Open Championship”, the participants were required to develop a program of 12 algorithms and test them in an automatic evaluation system within 4 hours. According to the results, Ulvi Aslanli, BEU student, was awarded Certificate of Achievement. 

     According to the result of the semifinal team competition of  ICPC NERC Regional Contest,  BEU Baku EU 1 Team (Ulvi Aslanli, Nijad Huseynov, Eyyub Najafzada, Team Leader: Etibar Seyidzada) was awarded "ICPC 2019-2020 Azerbaijan Champion Certificate", and "Certificate of Achievement of South Caucasus Open Championship", while Baku EU 2 team (Nizam Novruzov, Muzaffar Mammadli, Zakariyya Zakariyyali, team leader: Etibar Seyidzade)- Certificate of Honor. 

     16 teams from 9 higher education institutions in Azerbaijan participated in the competition. The team competition was also held in St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Almaty. 301 teams from universities of 11 countries are represented.

     It should be noted that, Baku EU1 team of BEU students held the first place with 10 points at the regional stage of “The 44th ICPC-International Collegiate Programming Contest” of higher education institutions in Azerbaijan.


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BEU students’ next success

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