Library of Baku Engineering University


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Baku Engineering University (BEU) has a rich, modern library of international experience. The library is provided with the latest materials and technology. Moreover, the library operates in the field of education and research in order to enhance its professional and spiritual qualities. It promotes the development of the students in education, research and science fields.

90.000 books and journals are available in the library. 

The library operates online. Students and teachers receive books by ordering them online. Orders are ready for maximum 15 minutes. The order is valid for 24 hours.

E-libraries, Internet materials, e-projectors, video boards, e-boards, textbooks, manuals and methodical materials published in Azerbaijani, English and Turkish languages tare used in the teaching the subjects. The library provides teaching materials used in the education process for the student free charge. The library has more than 5,000 textbooks. Along with the University staff, teaching materials published by other authors contribute to the availability and updating of information sources on the subjects. The books on the specialties available at the University are distinguished with relevance and are used by a student-teacher contingent. Moreover, university library cooperates with other local universities. BEU Library is also a member of Thomson Reuters, Web of Science and Scopus.