The laws of physics are based on experimental and observational factors. Thus, lab works are an important part of general physics, and improve the skills of students of Baku Engineering University (BEU) in the direction of performing scientific calculations and broadening their understanding of physics laws. The University's physical laboratory is designed to carry out practical and laboratory works in 5 sections:

1. Mechanics

2. Molecular Physics

3. Electric and Magnetism

4. Optics

5. Atomic physics

    Laboratory equipment was purchased from PASCO ( Up-to-date equipment allows students to conduct basic experiments in the above-mentioned areas of physics.The students can track quantities on a schedule and graphs by using a computer, numerous sensors, and specific software. The measurement and calculation errors for each case are provided by the softwareLaboratory experiments help students understand the importance of physics ideas and also familiarize them with the methods and tools needed to conduct physics research. Students are required to complete new laboratory work using existing equipment based on the course work and project activities.