Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

       Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has been operating since 2016. 

     Currently,1882 students are studying at the Faculty on 7 bachelor’s, 7 master’s, 6 MBA and 2 doctoral degrees majors.  Education in bachelor’s degree is in Azerbaijani and English. There are 107 staff members within the Faculty, including 99 academic staff and 8 technical assistants. The pedagogical staff of the Faculty includes young, dynamic, and has internationally-trained personnel at different levels in our country and abroad, along with renowned experienced lecturers in the country. 

     Material-technical base of the Faculty ensures the preparation of personnel. Along with the auditoriums equipped with technical equipments, there are also modern laboratories such as “Bank of Baku” laboratory and 2 Informatics Laboratories. 

    The transparent environment and experienced staff of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences that meets the modern requirements in our country will help to train qualified personnel in this field. A valuable experience in the field of organization and management of economic education has been formed.  Available conditions created at BEU allow the training of young economists to be conducted at higher level.

Since 2016, specialties of Business Administration, Industrial Organizing and Management, Finance, Accounting and Audit, Public Administration, World Economy, International Relations offer bachelor’s degree in Azerbaijani and English, while specialties of Business Administration, Economy and Management of Manufacturing and Service Sectors, Finance Management, Accounting and Audit in Production, Public Sector Management, International Economic Relations, World Politics, International Relations and Diplomacy master’s degree, specialties of Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management, Finance, and Accounting and Audit MBA degree in Azerbaijani and English, specialties of Organization and Management of Enterprises doctoral degree.