Department on work with enterprises and career

Department on work with enterprises and career at Baku Engineering University carries out career-related activities. Department also implements the following activities in order to help students and graduates to develop their careers, prepare for the business world, find job according to their degree, and succeed at every stage of business life, and maintain and improve connections between graduates and universities:

  1. Baku Engineering University ensures the determination of practice places of student, the establishment of cooperation with private and public institutions in order to provide graduates with jobs, and provision of experience and job for students in state and private enterprises.
  2. Gives an idea of career planning to students and helps them develop their career;
  3. Organizes Career Days(seminars, conferences, forurms, etc.) in order to develop relationships with enterprises;
  4. Enlightens students about the rules of CV preparation, job search, job application and participation in competition through organized tarinings;
  5. Organizes daily practice-oriented trips to enterprises according to students’s specialities in order to develop their practical experiences, enhance their worldview;
  6. Provides students’ connection with relevant enterprises in order to investigate practical part of research, course and thesis , and dissertation topics of masters;
  7. Helps graduates find a job according to their degree in the direction of requirements of enterprises;
  8. Informs students about the scholarship programs organized by local and international enterprises and provides their participation in this programs;
  9. Provides the organization of joint programs with student clubs , common realization of programs (scientific, social, economic, legal, cultural and others) that reflect the interests of Business World(separate companies and enterprises);
  10. Organizes personnel election exams for vacant positions for relevant students and graduates in enterprises;
  11. Informs students about the rules of making career plan for each student. After answering questions an advice about how to build a career is given to the students;
  12. Organizes employment exhibitions and presents vacancies to graduates and last course students participating in the exhibition;
  13. Organizes the relevant courses(master class) by the leading experts of enterprises in order to provide expert-advice services at the university on modern teaching technologies;
  14. Müəssisələrin zəngin istehsalat təcrübələrinin universitetdə istifadəsi, universitet müəllimlərinin və tələbələrinin müəssisələrin fəaliyyətinə cəlb edilməsi, ölkənin sahibkarlıq sektorunun elmi-tədris işlərinə cəlb edilməsi məqsədi ilə müəssilərlə qarşılıqdı əməkdaşlıq müqavilələrin bağlanmasını təşkil edir;
  15. Oragnizes social, cultural and sporting activities in order to protect and develop relationship between graduate-garduate and graduate-university;
  16. Establishes connection between companies and graduates in order to provide job opportinuties for graduates and carries out a number of activities in this direction;
  17. Carries out the organization of relevant practice places for graduates without work experience;
  18. University holds a meeting between graduates and teachers in the Graduation Day;
  19. In order to adapt to the business life, to learn from problems and experiences, meetings are held at the workplaces of graduates;
  20. Oragnizes meetings between graduates and students in order to teach the experiences that graduates gained from business life to the students;
  21. Statistical database about graduates is organized and CV database is prepared;
  22. Appropriate advice is given to the graduates in order to succeed in business and social life;
  23. Carries out advice services in the field such as the rules of career planning for last course students and graduates, CV preparation, and job interviews;