The Faculty of Engineering trains engineering specilists to work in various fields of industry at all levels of education. The language of education is conducted in Azerbaijani, English and Russian. The number of faculty staff is more than 80 people, more than 70 of whom are academic staff.

  In total, more than 1,700 students study at the Faculty of Engineering in 17 bachelor's and 9 master's specialties. There are also foreign students among them.


There are 4 departments within the faculty:

1. Mechanical Engineering

2. Computer and Information Technology

3. Automatics and Electroenergetics

4. Logistics and Transport Technology


Specialties of Mechanical Engineering Department:

Bachelor’s degree:

1. 050622 - Manufacturing Engineering

2. 050628 - Mechanical Engineering

3. 050629 – Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Master’s degree:

1. 050630 - Mechanical Engineering

                 - Theory of Machine and Mechanisms Specialization

                 - Tribotechnics Specialization

Specialties of the Department of Computer and Information Technology::

Bachelor’s degree:

1. 050509 – Computer Science

2. 050615 – Information Security

3. 050616 – Information Technologies

3. 050620 – Computer Engineering

Master’s degree:

1. 060631 - Computer Engineering

                 - Computer Engineering Specializationı

2. 050632 - Information Technology and Systems

                 - IT Management Specialization

Specialties of Automation and Electroenergetics Department:

Bachelor’s degree:

1. 050607 – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2. 050608 – Energy Engineering

3. 050634 – Process Automation Engineering

3. 050636 – Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Master’s degree:

1. 060628 - Process Automation Engineering

                 - Automation of Technological Processes and Production Specialization

                 - Information and Management in Technical Systems Specialization

2. 060630 - Electroenergetics Engineering

                 - Electroenergetics Specialization

Specialties of Logistics and Transport Technology Department:

Bachelor’s degree:

1. 050621 – Logistics and Transport Technology Department

2. 050806 – Transport Service

Master’s degree:

1. 060623 - Transportation and Management Organization Engineering in Transport

                 - Crisis and Risk Engineering for Transport Services (CRENG)

  The academic staff of the faculty includes young, dynamic, and internationally-trained personnel at different levels in our country and abroad, alongside with renowned experienced lecturers in the country.

 Some of the faculty staff have participated in national and international projects and various exchange programs related to education and are continuing their activities.

  The Engineering Faculty has an extensive material and technical base, modern research and teaching laboratories. Owing to highly qualified and professional staff, qualified engineering specialist training is carried out by taking advantage of these opportunities. Most of the faculty students acquire modern computer programs, programming methods, information technologies, and innovative foreign language skills. In final years, some of our students receive offers to pursue their education at prestigious universities around the world, while some of them to work in various industries in the country.

  There are auditoria and laboratories equipped with modern equipment, devices and technologies. These include New Generation Networks, Electronics and Microprocessors, Automatic Control, Mechanics and Machine Dynamics, Internal Engines and Vehicles, Mechanical Vibration and Sound Control, Inexperienced Testing, Design and Adequate Modeling, Processing Methods, Material and Metallography, Materials Resistance, Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer, Renewable Energy labs and etc.

  The material and technical base of the Departments is expanding year by year. Within the framework of the international project, it is planned to establish a new specialized laboratory for the Department of Logistics and Transport Technology Engineering.

  Computer classes equipped with modern computers have been made available to students at the Faculty. Almost all auditoriums are equipped with electronic boards and projectors. Therefore, courses are taught in an interactive way using modern information technology.


Our staff

Hüseyn Mirzəyev

Position: Dean

Nofəl Nəbiyev

Position: Deputy Dean on Education

Osman Mirzəyev

Position: Deputy Dean on Education

Ramiz Hümbətov

Department: Automation, telecommunications and energy

Position: Head of Department

Manafəddin Namazov

Department: Computer and Information Technologies

Position: Head of Department

Bəxtiyar Namazov

Department: Logistics and transport technologies

Position: Head of Department

Asif Quliyev

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Position: Head of Department

Mahir Bəşirov

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Position: Professor

İslam İslamov

Department: Automation, telecommunications and energy

Position: Professor

Bayram İbrahimov

Department: Automation, telecommunications and energy

Position: Professor

Elşad İsmibəyli

Department: Automation, telecommunications and energy

Position: Professor

David Nəsibov

Department: Computer and Information Technologies

Position: Associate Professor