“Social Projects” competition is still in progress

08 Nov 2019
“Social Projects” competition is still in progress

    “Social Projects” Competition announced by the Regional Development Public Union of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation for 2019 is still in progress.  The main purpose of the competition is to promote ideas and initiatives aimed at the social development of the society for the development of civil society and formation of the entrepreneurial environment, and to strengthen positive tendencies in the future development of our country.

    The projects should cover the initiatives on ensuring the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual development of community members, protecting life and health, developing science and education, implementing innovative ideas and improving public awareness, and maintaining a tolerant and inclusive environment in the community.

    Non-governmental organizations (public associations and foundations) registered in the registered in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Higher education institutions, vocational and secondary education institutions (colleges), research organizations, volunteer movements, student scientific societies and student youth organizations within educational institutions can submit their projects to the competition.

    Admission and registration of projects for the “Social Projects” contest is conducted online through the electronic system http://musabiqe.riib.az/. More information about the competition is available at riib.az.

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