Teacher recruitment competition for SABAH master's groups

17 Nov 2021
Teacher recruitment competition for SABAH master's groups

Academic staff and specialists recruitment competition to teach various subjects for SABAH master's groups in Cyber Security specialty has been announced starting from the spring semester of 2021/2022 academic year. 

The competition is open to dynamic, positive and communicative candidates with a master's degree, a high level of ICT and field knowledge, able to use innovative teaching methods, as well as modern pedagogical approaches.

The list of vacancies in the relevant subjects is given below. Each candidate can apply for only one subject in the vacancies corresponding to the specialty.

KT-505 Safety assessment and penetration test

KT-506 Network and web security

KT-507 Secure coding and software security

* KT-510 Malware analysis and detection

* KT-511 Privacy Information Management

Note: * -Elective subject

Candidates should send their CVs to [email protected] by December 1, 2021 with the subject line "Name of the subject".

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