Free "Student Development Trainings" for BEU students

15 Nov 2021
Free "Student Development Trainings" for BEU students

  HRcell organizes free "Student Development Trainings" to contribute to the future careers of Baku Engineering University (BEU) students.

The training for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate and graduate students of BEU will give participants the opportunity to choose a career path that suits their potential, improve their initial knowledge and skills in that career direction, as well as learn how to integrate more easily into the business world.

The 1st day of the 3-stage training is dedicated to “Rules for preparing CVs” (November 29-2 PM), while the 2nd day to “Interview and participation in interviews” (December 2 -2 PM), and the 3rd day to “ Dedicated to "Career Planning" (December 3 - 2 PM).

To register, you need to access the link .

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