166 Freight and Logistics company starts next internship program!

20 Jul 2022
166 Freight and Logistics company starts next internship program!

Fourth-year students, master's degree students or newly graduated candidates can apply for the 166 Logistics Academy - 2022 internship program, to continue for four consecutive years. Accepted youth will have the chance to gain experience in the real work environment, both in the field of logistics and in other fields.

166 Logistics Academy - 2022 internship program will be held in the following areas of the company:

 • Human resource

• Intelligent transport management

• Marketing and business development

• Data analytics

• Law

• Finance and accounting

• Corporate transaction

• Call center

• Corporate sales

• Information technologies

• Logistics

           The admission process consists of three stages, filling out the electronic application, test exam and interview stage. Candidates can register by entering the recruitment portal hr.166.az .

  Application deadline: 15.08.2022

 Note: In the framework of the internship program, the participants will be paid a salary by the company. A total of more than 4,200 applications have been registered to the "166 Logistics Academy" internship program, which has been held since 2019. 153 people, who successfully passed all stages of these applications, were admitted to the Academy, and most of them are currently working in various departments at the 166 Freight and Logistics company.



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