Dual Degree Program between Baku Engineering University and Inha University


Baku Engineering University (BMU) and INHA University of South Korea have been implementing a dual degree program in engineering for the bachelor’s degree since the 2020/2021 academic year.

and on student admission for the 2022/2023 academic year

Program graduates will have:

  • 4 years - 2 diplomas;
  • Full scholarship international quality education;
  • 3 years - education in Azerbaijan, 1 year - in South Korea;
  • Participation in a 3-week summer school in South Korea;
  • Visit to world-famous companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia;
  • Synchronized two Curriculum;
  • Multilingual teaching environment (teaching Korean in parallel with engineering in English);
  • Education opportunity with academic staff of selected local and foreign universities;
  • Opportunity to pursue master's and doctoral studies with a scholarship in South Korea;
  • Opportunity to acquire modern knowledge and skills in the mentioned fields of engineering by studying international experience.
  • Opportunity to become a world-class successful specialist;
  • Opportunity to become a graduate of the "State Program";
  • Job opportunities in Azerbaijan and anywhere in the world;

Application to the Dual Degree Program between Baku Engineering University (BEU) and Inha University of South Korea for the 2022/2023 academic year in Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering specialties is carried out within the framework of the “State Program on Increasing the International Competitiveness of the Higher Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023.” Applicants, who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and have scored the relevant passing score for each specialty in the exam organized by the State Examination Center (SEC), can participate in the program. Applicants, who successfully pass the competition organized by BEU and Inha University, will be able to study at one of the 4 specialties on the State Order.


  1. Information Technology (passing score - 500);
  2. Civil Engineering (passing score – 400);
  3. Electrical engineering (passing score - 400);
  4. Electronics engineering (passing score - 400);
Quota: 128 places (32 people in each specialty)
Model of the program: 3 years - in Azerbaijan, 1 year - in South Korea.

The program is based on the 3 + 1 model. Thus, according to the dual degree program, students will study for 3 academic years at BEU, and 1 academic year (last year) at Inha University in South Korea. At the end of 4 years, students will receive two diplomas. The current program is fully funded by the state for 4 years. The program also envisages the participation of students in a 3-week summer school in South Korea at the end of the second year. Moreover, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to pursue their master's and doctoral studies with a scholarship in South Korea.

Education language:

English at BEU for 3 years (some subjects are in Azerbaijani), and Korean at Inha University for 1 year. During the 3-year study period at BEU, students will be taught Korean language classes, which are a condition of the program to develop relevant language skills, and they will take exams in the 2nd and 3rd academic years to obtain a TOPIK certificate, respectively. Students, who successfully pass the exams, will continue their education in Korean at Inha University in South Korea in the 4th academic year.

Financial expenses of students:

The costs covered by the State Program are as follows
  • Full tuition fees for 4 years;
  • Tuition costs for 1 year in in South Korea (4th year);
  • A 3-week summer school attendance costs in South Korea;
  • Access costs for teaching materials and electronic information resources;
  • Registration fee.

Admission terms:

  1. Applicants of group I, who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and participated in the exams of the State Examination Center (SEC) and scored the appropriate passing score for each specialty, can participate in the program;
  2. Candidates, who apply to the program, must successfully pass the oral English and subject competition (mathematics and physics) jointly organized by BEU and Inha University;
  3. The main dates for admission in the 2022/2023 academic year.
      • Online registration: June 6 - August 10, 2022
      • BEU-INHA DDP internal exam:
        • August 13, 2022 - Information Day
        • August 14, 2022 - Written exam (Physics, Mathematics and English)
      • Announcement of results: August 9, 2022

Required documents:

To take the internal exam, fill out the "online application form" and submit the required documents

      1. Copy of ID card;
      2. 3.5x4.5 color photo;
      3. An official document confirming the score obtained in both exams conducted by the SEC;
      4. English translation and notarization of the school certificate (students who do not receive the certificate must submit a signed and stamped document from the secondary school where they studied);;
      5. English language certificate: IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL İBT 71 or Duolingo 90.
Note 1: Candidates who present an English language certificate are exempted from the written English language test.
Note 2: When registering for the program, the candidate will have to provide his / her password (bachelor's exam) and personal account username (FIN).
About Inha University:

The University is one of the leading universities in South Korea in the fields of engineering, business administration, medicine and social sciences. 26 of the 73 specialties at INHA University are in engineering. According to the ranking, it ranks 8th out of 189 universities in South Korea (2019). INHA University is a higher education institution that conducts various researches, has relations with many prestigious higher education institutions of the world and has more than 20,000 students. It ranks 3rd among South Korean universities in terms of employment of graduates, with 70% of INHA graduates employed each year (2019).

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