54 BEU students scored more than 600 points

54 BEU students scored more than 600 points

In the 2021/2022 academic year, the number of high-scoring students choosing Baku Engineering University (BEU) increased compared to previous years. Thus, 54 students admitted to the bachelor's degree of BEU in the current academic year scored more than 600 points.

Of these students, 51 are from the Engineering Faculty, 2 from Education Faculty and 1 from the Faculty of Architecture and Construction.

The most applied specialty among students entering BEU with a high score was Information Technology. Thus, 40 students admitted to this specialty chose the English language department, and 3 - the Azerbaijani department.

Aykhan Tagiyev (660.9 points), who scored the highest score among our high-scoring students, entered the English section of the Information Technology Department at BEU.

Detailed information on high-scoring students of BEU is available at the following link:  https://beu.edu.az/az/page/249

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