"Mobile Applications and Game Design" laboratory launched at BEU

"Mobile Applications and Game Design" laboratory launched at BEU

A laboratory for the specialty "Mobile Applications and Game Design" has been established within the framework of Erasmus + KA2 project “Developing master programmes in mobile applications and game design (MAGnUS) at partner universities” participated by Baku Engineering University (BEU) as a partner, funded by the European Union and implemented under the leadership of Linkopings University in Sweden. The purpose of the already established laboratory is to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers involved in the teaching of information technology and related subjects at the university, as well as students studying in this field at BEU. Moreover, one of the main goals is to improve the quality of Information Technology (IT) education and support the employment of IT graduates by developing a master's program "Mobile applications and game design" that meets modern requirements in accordance with the Bologna Process principles.

Employees of the Department also took an active part in the organization of the laboratory under the leadership of the head of the Department of Computer and Information Technologies of BEU, associate professor Babek Abbasov.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, as well as the necessary application software packages and emulators for the development of mobile applications. 

Taking into account the design of 3D game applications, the need for computers with special video cards and other features for testing, the laboratory is equipped with modern computers with high performance, including gaming and graphics. The laboratory also has compatible VR equipment to test applications designed for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments.

In addition to the basic subjects of the mobile application development specialization curriculum, the cirruculum includes the development of user interfaces for mobile applications (UI / UX design), design and development of mobile applications, development of applications running in many environments, etc.

In addition to the basic subjects, the curriculum of the game design specialization includes the design and development of game applications for android, and ios environments, the development of interfaces for game applications (UI / UX design), the development of game assets, etc.

The laboratory is ready to organize various trainings not only for BEU students and teachers, but also for those interested in "Mobile Applications and Game Design". Professional, experienced ICT teachers of BEU were involved in conducting various trainings and seminars to be organized at the laboratory.

In addition to this laboratory, other laboratories are planned to be established at BEU this year within Erasmus + KA2 projects, and the University's vice-rectorate for international relations is working in this direction.

More information about the MAGNUS project, the implementation period of which is 2019-2021, is available at https://magnus2020.org/ .

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