Chemical Engineering Laboratories: "Condensation Unit" (Lecturer Javanshir Salmanov)

The World Economy: "Heckscher - Ohlin Theory" (Lecturer Gadir Asgarzade)

Fluid Mechanics: "Falling sphere viscometer" (Lecturer Orkhan Huseynov)

Chemical Engineering Laboratories: "Mass transfer and diffusion unit". (Lecturer Nazani Karimova)

Principles of Corporate Finance: "Introduction to Corporate Finance". (Lecturer Dr. Fizuli Aliyev)

General Biology: "DNA extraction from Banana". (Lecturer Afag Rzayeva)

Inorganic Chemistry laboratory: "Acid and Base titration". (Lecturer Dr. Ramil Rzayev)

Fluid Mechanics: "Laminar and turbulent". (Lecturer Orkhan Huseynov)

Principles of Corporate Finance: "Financial Statements Review". (Lecturer Dr. Fizuli Aliyev )

Chemical Engineering Laboratories: "Continuous Reftification". (Lecturer Javanshir Salmanov)

The World Economy: "Offer Curves". (Lecturer Gadir Asgarzade)

Inorganic chemistry: "Magic beakers". (Lecturer Sabina Rahimova)

Fluid Mechanics: "Bernoulli's principle". (Lecturer Orkhan Huseynov)

General Biology: "Water Potential and Osmosis". (Lecturer Hasanagha Mayilov)

Electricity and Magnetism: "Ohm`s low". (Lecturer Parvana Huseynova)