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Heydər Eminli
Department: English Language and Literature
Position: Head of Department
Cell.: 050660-0157
  • Doctorate, Azərbaycan Respublikası Prezident Yanında Ali Atestasiya Komissiyası, Filologiya üzrə fəlsəfə doktoru. - 2010 Jan. Diplom #FD № 05997
  • Master, Bakı Slavyan Universiteti, Dilşünaslıq. - 2004 Jun. Diplom # MNA № 009757
  • Bachelor, Azərbaycan Dillər Universiteti, Dilşünaslıq-İngilis dili. - 2002 Jun. Diplom #A № 107571
Job experience
  • Lecturer, Academic adviser, Qafqaz University. Baku/Azerbaijan. Jul 2010 - present
  • English language teacher, Head of the English department, Baku Private Turkish High School, Cag Education Co.. Baku/Azerbaijan. Sep 2009 - Jul 2010
  • Research fellow (post-doctoral researcher), Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, The Institute of Linguistics. Baku/Azerbaijan. Dec 2007 - Jul 2010
  • English language teacher, Head of the English department, Sumqayit branch of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Private High Schools. Sumqayit/Azerbaijan. Aug 2005 - Aug 2009
  • English language teacher, Qafqaz Primary School. Baku/Azerbaijan. Sep 2003 - Jun 2005
  • Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. An approach to second language acquisition in children and adults. . Kazakhstan. 2009;№ 3:5
  • Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. Apraxia of Speech in Children and Adults. . 2006;XXV toplu :8
  • Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. The Expression of Means of the Verb Categories in Azeri, English and Russian. . 2003;#4:5
  • International Conferences
  • Naila Nabiyeva , Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. Goals and Challenges of Higher Education Facing Azerbaijan. 9th Silk Road International Conference "Business, Economics, International Relations and Education". Georgia. May 2014:4, url: [1]
  • Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. The Process of Foreign Language Acquisition in Azerbaijani Learners of Different Ages, Certificate of Attendance with a paper and for valued scholarly contributions. 1st International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. Bosnia and Herzegovina. May 2011:6
  • Heydar Eminli , Eminli H. Language Acquisition Process. Problems of Modern Linguistics (Language relations). Azerbaijan. November 2007:5
  • Books
  • Heydar Eminli , Rahib Asadullayev , Eminli H. A Handbook on the Use of Articles (with answers). Cag Education Co.. /Azerbaijan. 2009:113
  • Project name: CHEVENING Scholarships Award; Donor: Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Government; Position: Fellow; 1 Sep 2015 - 1 Dec 2016;
    Note: Master's Degree Programme in International Studies in Education (with Distinction), University of Birmingham, the United Kingdom
  • Project name: Junior Faculty Development Program; Donor: U.S Department of State, American Councils for International Education; Position: Fellowship recipient / researcher; 18 Jun 2012 - N/A;
  • Project name: "Tərcüməşünaslıq və Onun Müasir Dövrdə Rolu" V Respublika Tələbə Elmi-praktik Konfransı ("Translation Studies and Its Role in Modern Time" 5th National Scientific-practical Student Conference"); Donor: Qafqaz University; Position: Session Co-chair; 7 May 2012 - 7 May 2012;
    Note: Duties: Translation Theory and Problems Session Co-chair, Making assessment of distinguished papers submitted by conference participants.
  • Project name: Scientific-practical conference on Modern Azerbaijan Education and Cag Education Co.; Donor: Ministry of Education Azerbaijan Republic, Qafqaz University, Cag Education Co.; Position: Organizing committee member; 13 Mar 2012 - 17 Mar 2012;
  • Project name: "English Day" Event; Donor: Qafqaz University, American Councils; Position: Member of Organizing Group; 1 Mar 2012 - 12 Mar 2012;
    Note: Department of English language and literature realized \"English Day\" Event together with American Councils. The purpose of the program was to build an academic and cultural collaboration between two institutions.
  • Project name: Voluntary Service; Donor: Qafqaz University; Position: Coordinator; 21 Feb 2012 - 24 Apr 2012;
    Note: In order to involve students of English language and literature department to voluntary services we undertake a project including seminars, training and internship at high schools. In collaboration with \"Reliable Future\" Youth Organization the department conducted a seminar on \"The importance of voluntary service in society\" as part of the project on February 28, 2012
  • Project name: Internship; Donor: Qafqaz University; Position: Supervising tutor of a group of senior students; 24 Nov 2011 - 28 Dec 2011;
    Note: Responsibilities: supervising senior students during their internship program at secondary and high education. Observing their classes while teaching, discussing their classes after teaching process, holding a consultation on language teaching methodologies with students
  • Project name: Poetry Contest; Donor: Qafqaz University; Position: Organizing committee member; 30 Oct 2011 - 30 Nov 2011;
    Note: Responsibilities in this project: Preparing students to the contest, helping them in choosing and arranging poems. Training them for stage performance, preparing awards, opening and closing speeches, sound tracks, slides.
  • Project name: 2nd International Young Researcher's Conference on Modern Approaches in English language and literature; Donor: Qafqaz University, Department of English language and literature; Position: Organizing committee member; Session Chairman; 12 Oct 2011 - 27 Apr 2012;
  • Project name: 1st International Student Conference on Modern Approaches in English Language and Literature; Donor: Qafqaz University; Position: Organizing committee member, secretary; 22 Apr 2011 - 23 Apr 2011;
    Note: Responsibilities: Session Co-chair; Preparing advertisement, announcement, reading students\´ papers specially on linguistics for proceedings, reviewing, advising students on their papers for conference.
  • Project name: Cultural Trip to EU Countries; Donor: Baku Private Turkish High School, Cag Education Co.; Position: Coordinator; 10 Jul 2010 - 20 Jul 2010;
    Note: Cultural trip to Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France
  • Project name: English Language Program, Putnam, CT, the USA; Donor: Cag Education Co.; Position: Coordinator; 14 Jun 2010 - 30 Jun 2010;
  • Project name: Lesson planning, the use of technology in foreign language teaching; Donor: Nakchivan Turkish High School; Position: Guest instructor, presenter; 3 Sep 2009 - 11 Sep 2009;
  • Project name: INEPO Eurasia (3rd International Environmental Project Olympiad); Donor: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, Cag Education Company, Public Television & Radio Broadcasting Company; Position: Guide, Translator; 1 Apr 2009 - 5 Apr 2009;
    Note: Guiding a group of guests, coming from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Slovakia, Turkey, Georgia, Poland; Translating documents of the project.
  • Project name: Classroom management, sample lesson for new English teachers; Donor: Sheki Private Turkish High School; Position: Instructor, speaker; 10 Aug 2008 - 11 Aug 2008;
  • Project name: English language Summer Program, Arlington, VA, the USA; Donor: Cag Education Co.; Position: Coordinator; 19 Jun 2008 - 3 Jul 2008;
  • Project name: Second Language Acquisition; Donor: Quba Private Turkish High School; Position: Guest speaker, instructor; 4 Sep 2007 - 6 Sep 2007;
  • Project name: Azeta 3rd ELT Conference, Workshop; Donor: IATEFL, US Embassy Baku, British Council; Position: Attendee; 8 Sep 2006 - 10 Sep 2006;
  • Project name: Top Qualities of an Effective Language Teacher; Donor: Sumqayit subdivision of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Private High Schools; Position: Presenter, Instructor; 5 Nov 2005 - 7 Nov 2005;
  • Project name: \\KABITEF\\ Beynelxalq Bilik ve Maarif Sergisi (International Fair of Knowledge and Education); Donor: Ministry of Education Azerbaijan Republic, "Cag" Education Co., Kaynak; Position: Organizing group member; 1 Oct 2005 - 1 Nov 2005;
    Note: I received an award from American Councils for my project within the framework of "Teaching Excellence in English and American Studies"
  • Project name: Language Training Course; Donor: Cag Education Co.; Position: Trainee; 10 Aug 2005 - 4 Sep 2005;
  • Project name: Teacher training course, Training and Travel, London, the UK; Donor: Cag Education Co., Twin Summer Schools; Position: Trainee; 16 Jul 2005 - 5 Aug 2005;
  • Project name: Course on US Foreign Policy After the Second World War; Donor: Civic Education Project, Instructor: Karl Rahder, Venue: Baku Slavic University; Position: Attendee; 12 Jan 2004 - 30 Jun 2004;
Graduate Work Supervise
  • 2011 - Master, Dilara Sahmammadova, "Categories of English Idioms and their equivalents in Azerbaijani", Qafqaz University
  • 2011 - Master, Seymur Karimov, "Participial Constructions in Azerbaijani and English Languages", Qafqaz University
Science Organizations
  • American Association for Applied Linguistics - 7 Dec 2011
Awards and Certificates
  • "Certificate of Appreciation for contributions in the 2nd International Young Researcher's Conference", Qafqaz University; 2012
  • "Certificate of Appreciation for organizing Poetry Contest", Department of English language and literature, Qafqaz University; 2011
  • "Certificate of Appreciation, for organizing a seminar and giving a speech to graduate students on academic exams, international master´s programs, training and internship", Qafqaz University; 2011
  • "Certificate of Attendance (with a paper) for valued scholarly contributions", International Burch University, Sarajevo, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2011
  • "Certificate of Appreciation for organizing 1st International Student Conference", Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan; 2011
  • "Certificate of Achievement on Project Management", Qafqaz University; 2010
  • "English language program", Putnam Science Academy, Connecticut, the USA; 2010
  • "The True American Experience, Coordinator of the Summer School Language Program", Diplomatic Language Services, English language institute, Arlington, VA, the USA; 2008
  • "The teacher of the year", Azerbaijan - Turkey Private High Schools Administration; 2008
  • "Effective Teaching Techniques for High School Teachers", Zambak Yayinlari; 2006
  • "English Language Teaching Programme", Selt Publishing; 2006
  • "Language Training Course", Cag Educational Company; 2005
  • "Teacher training course", Twin Training and Travel, London, the UK; 2005
  • "Excellence in Teaching English and American Studies", American Councils for International Education, US Department of State; 2005
  • "Diploma for active participation in the scientific conference on 'Actual problems of Psycholinguistics'", Baku Slavic University, Laboratory of Psycholinguistics and bilingualism; 2003
Last lessons
  • Bachelor, "Research Methods in Education"
  • Bachelor, "Writing skills"
  • Master, "Applied linguistics"
  • Master, "The history and theory of linguistics"
  • Bachelor, "Theoretical grammar"
  • Bachelor, "General Linguistics"
  • Bachelor, "Communication Skills"
IT Skills
  • MS Office programs
Language skills
  • English - Fluent
  • Russian - Fluent
  • Azerbaijani - Fluent ( Native language )
  • Turkish - Fluent