Department of Social Sciences

 The department of "Social Sciences" organizes the education of various courses at Baku Engineering University, coordinates the teaching activities of lecturers, and ensures more efficiency of these works on courses. The Department of Social Sciences conducts classes with a highly qualified academic staff in all sections of the bachelor's degree and in some sections of the Master's Degree in the curriculum for the general subjects block.

  There are a number of factors that determine the necessity of the Social Sciences department, the most important of which is the role of social and political sciences taught by the department in the cultural, moral and political-moral aspects of human society. Socio-political sciences in the Republic of Azerbaijan have always been approached from the aspect of promotion of universal values. In connection with this issue, President Ilham Aliyev emphasized: "Humanitarian science issues are always in the spotlight, and the work done in this field is very successful and admirable. We must always pay attention to this area. As you know, national values, national traditions, mother tongue, literature, and music were the ones that preserved us as a nation before independence. Thus, the state is constantly paying attention to this. "

 The main quality of every citizen, any professional and artistic creator is, first of all, his high culture, outlook, patriotism. These qualities are determined by the maturity, harmonious development and richness of personality. According to academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, the state's science policy is closely linked to the ideas, concepts and programs of national ideology and statehood, culture and philosophy, politology and sociology, cultural studies and law. At the same time, it should be noted that in the Department of Social Sciences besides humanitarian areas, the subjects of Civil Defense, Occupational Health and Medical Knowledge are also essential for every human society.

Subjects taught at the Department of Social Sciences:

History of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan multiculturalism

Introduction to multiculturalism

Civil defense

Basics of the medical science




Occupational safety 

 Purpose and activity directions of the department

 The results of the research work are used in the teaching process, as well as the latest achievements in the field of social sciences are widely used in the teaching process of the  department of Social Sciences. At the same time, we can emphasize that the most recent scientific discoveries and the gained experiences in relevant disciplines are explained to students in the course of teaching these subjects.

 Employees of the department, along with their pedagogical activities, are engaged in scientific activities in accordance with their specialty. In the scientific journals of our republic and foreign countries, collections, collections, etc. regularly publishes articles, theses and reports in these important publications. Important results of the scientific researches carried out at the department are presented to the Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. At the same time, the staff of the department conducts joint research with a number of foreign universities. An associate professor of the department is continuing his scientific work on a doctoral program. He is also closely involved in scientific symposiums and events held abroad.

   Academic staff

1. PhD in History, Bilal Dadayev-head of department

2.  PhD in Political Science, Bayram Huseynzada

3.  PhD in Political Science, Xaqan Balayev

4PhD in Philosophy, senior lecturer Rabil Mehtiyev

5.  Senior lecturer Shola Isayeva

6.  Lecturer Yalchin Zeynalov