Attention: Applicants admitted to the bachelor’s degree of

                                                             BAKU ENGİNEERİNG UNİVERSİTY


  Every applicant entered to the university must be registered by submitting the following documents from 16 to 28 August,2018( every day, except Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30AM to5PM)


1  Document(school leaving certificate) and diploma(original and copy) of  higher education.

2. Identity card (original and copy, 3 copies)

3. 6 color photos(3x4)

4. Documents about Enrollment at Conscription Centers (2 copies, original and copy)

5. Health certificate  (Form 086)

6. Autobiography

7.  Student number and password

8. Notarized copy and original of Identity Cards of IDPs

9. Notarized copy and original version of the documents for the children of the people who became disabled and were martyred sacrificing themselves for the sake of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty. 

10.  Applicants admitted on a paid basis must pay full tuition fee of the first course.