Press Office

The Press Office of the Baku Engineering University implements the organization and regulation of relations with mass media and public awareness activities related to the activities of the higher education institution. The press Office is engaged in the organization of meetings, conferences and symposia planned by the rector and other structures, monitoring the activities of the press, and responding to public questions on the activities of the university. The organization of cultural events, as well as works in the direction of the enhancement of reputation and promotion of the university are the responsibilities of service. The Press Office prepares bulletins, news announcements in order to inform the public and staff about the university's activities. Office also prepares the catalog, brochure, and advertising CD used to promote the University. The Press Office prepares press releases, news announces, statements, interviews, speeches, etc., and  publicizes information about the works done in the university in order to provide transparency and transparency in the mass media. Participates in the preparation of the projects of organizational decree documents and normative acts in the field of public relations. The activities of Office include the preparation of responses to the unreliable information and elimination of distortion. At the same time, the Office organizes participation of mass media representatives at university events. The Press Officei s responsible for the publication of magazines, advertisements, posters, information sheets, questionnaires , preparation of the various multimedia tools, and the collection of archives of paper, video and photo materials about the university's activities. Participates in the review of applications and inquires of citizens, government agencies, boards, enterprises and organizations in the direction of activities accorting to the legislation.