Information on Mechanical engineering department   

   Since the indepenendence day Azerbaijan republic has chosen economical development portfolio which requires establishment of specific companies in government and private sector. No need to argue qualified engineers as well as other professionals are required to work in those establishments, which requires preparation of engineering professionals in means of education. Worldwide economical relationships, conclusion of international treaties, as well as development and invention of technologies, establishment of new companies and advance of private sector and etc. encourages  engineers to take their knowledge and expertise to a next level. For the same reason Department of Mechanical Engineering has been established within Baku Engineering University.

   Initially students were admitted only to Mechanical Engineering qualification (code: 050630) which were taught only in english until 2017/2018 education year, since then department offers Mechanical Engineering in both english and azerbaijan languages, Machine engineering (code: 050612) and Process automation engineering (code: 050628). In the same year, department started to offer master degree programs in Mechanical engineering (code: 060630), Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (code: 050628) and Phd program in Mechanics of deformable solids (code: 2002.01).

    Aim of the department

   Department aims to prepare engineers with extensive knowledge of their qualifications, striving for further development. That is why, besides engineering courses selective language courses are offered to enable the students to extend their research database. We aim to preapre engineers with proper engineering ethics to aid Azerbaijan republic with its economical and social development plan. To do so, department bases the syllabus on the program confirmed by Education Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic. It should be noted that syllabuses have been prepared in accordance with educational program of world leading universities. The lectures are taught in english and azerbaijan languages.

    Department’s scope of activities

  Department offers education and research on “Mechanical engineering”, “Machine engineering” and “Process automation engineering” courses.

   Department’s academic staff

Head of department Technical Sciences Mirzayev Huseyn Ibrahim oghlu Technology Shirzadov Farhad Mahammad oglu Technical Sciences Nadirov Ugurlu Mahammed oglu


Hasanli Ayshen Tahir gizi


Huseynov Orkhan Sabir oglu


Hasanov Seymur Sadraddin oglu

  Department’s international relations

   Department’s professor-lecutrer staff conduct research with scientists of the universities in USA, Germany, England, Russia and Turkey.

     Role of Department in students’ internship and career

   Department organizes technical trips and internships to the companies to provide them with practical knowledge as well as theoritical. It should be also noted that, good amount of students end up being emplyed by the same companies providing internship.

   Department’s  facilities

    There are 12 well equipped laboratories functioning within Mechanical engineering department. These are:

  • Ø Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
  • Ø Thermal science and heat transfer
  • Ø Internal combustion engine and automobile
  • Ø Materials science and metallography
  • Ø Strength of materials
  • Ø Mechanical vibrations and noise control
  • Ø Mecanism and machine dynamcis
  • Ø Automatic control
  • Ø Design and rapid prototyping
  • Ø Machine tools and workshop
  • Ø Nondestrcutive testing
  • Ø Alternative energy

    Departments student oriented academic and social activities

   Students are working on the projects  in the department’s laboratories under the supervision of academic staff. Students can join certain research group or propose new research theme to work on. Projects of our students are exhibited in different events.

    In addition, students are enlisted in ‘Mechanical engineering’ club as well as other student associations and are participating in a variety of activities  organized within university.