Mathematics and Informatics Department


General Information about Mathematics and Informatics Department    

In the rapidly developing modern world of science and technology there is huge need of specialists who have fundamental knowledge and can apply the latest achievements of information technologies. The Department of Mathematics and Informatics Education prepares young teachers and professionals who can contribute to the developments in both sciences. Based on international experience and local scientific traditions the curriculum of the high-level programs and courses makes it possible to train specialists having both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Mission of the department 

Main aims of the department are:

•          Prepare teachers of mathematics and informatics

•          Provide students with theoretical and practical background in ICT

•          Provide students with opportunities of learning modelling, programming and management skills besides the theoretical aspects of mathematics and informatics

  • Being a scientific and pedagogical center of mathematics and ICT in Azerbaijan
  • Having the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  • Ability of relating written and oral communication forms
  • Working with groups of different levels


Goals  of the department   

Research is of course an important activity of any university besides teaching. In addition to their own research activities, the faculty encourages and leads the students in research. The main research areas are listed below:

Main Research Directions

•          Linear and Nonlinear Differential Equations

•          Nonlinear Stability and Oscillation Theory

•          Mechanics of Composite Materials

•          Numerical Analysis

•          Applications of Algebra in Teaching Geometry


Academic staff of the department.

1.      Hümbət Əliyev

Position:Baş müəllim, Kafedra müdiri, Tədris məsləhətçisi


2. Mənsur Məhərrəmov ( MS )

Position: Deputy Dept. Head on Behavior


3.      Vahid Qasımov

Position: Baş müəllim, Tədris məsləhətçisi

4.      Rəşad Əliməmmədov ( MS )

Position: Lecturer


5.      Elməddin Hüseynov ( MS )

Position: Lecturer


6.      Bəhman Məmmədov ( MS )

Position: Lecturer


7.      Kəmalə İsmayılova ( BS )

Position: Research assistant


8.      Nisə İdrisova ( BS )

Position: Research assistant


9.      Elşad Eyvazov (Prof.)

Position: Associate Professor

  1. 10.  Həmdulla Aslanov (Prof.)




Position: Professor

11.  Vüqar Musayev (Ph.D)

Position: Academic adviser, Senior Lecturer


12.  Nurəddin Sədili



International Relations of the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics Education have strong cooperation with the universities, research institutes and companies. By organizing discussions and seminars on important issues with representatives of companies that the department contributes to the information exchange between academia and business sector. Furthermore, the students have internship opportunities to develop their participate skills.

The role of the department in the career and practice of students   

All the senior students have to take the practicum courses in the last two semesters. Students have the practicum at the leading schools in Baku. Practicum continues for five weeks each semester and are very important for the teachers of tomorrow.

The graduates of the department will have strong mathematical and logical reasoning and will be familiar with the latest scientific and technological innovations. These will provide them with the energy for lifelong learning and teaching activities in mathematics and computer science teaching either in the country or abroad. Besides, the graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in masters or PhD as well.

Computer Labs  

There are 5 computer labs for the students of the department. Four of them are specified for lab classes and one is for free to use. Total number of computers is 160, which is adequate considering the current number of students. The labs are specified as follows:

•          Electronics

•          System analysis and automated control

•          CISCO

•          ICT research lab

ICT research lab is open for students who are interested in research on several areas of mathematics or computer engineering.

Scientific and social activity of the department for students

There are more than 15 different clubs at the university. Students are involved in clubs according to their interest. One of the most popular club is Pi Club.  The club was established by the university administration by collaborating with the students of Mathematics Department and Mathematics and Informatics Teaching Department in 2007. The main goals of the club are:

  • to endear mathematics to students
  • to demonstrate that mathematics is not only about abstract generalizations but also about implementation
  • to reveal the entertaining side of math
  • to reach second grade students through club activities and boost their interest towards mathematics
  • to develop and organize math Olympic competitions

PI club has achieved numerous objectives and goals. Currently club is working on developing nationwide three-phase mathematics Olimpics.

 The following organizations have been done during last academic year;

  • Exhibition was organized in the Baku Private Turkish High School
  • Exhibition was organized in the Baku Engineering University
  • Mathematical Olympiad was held countrywide and the winners were awarded
  • Opened an Mathematics Academy in Khirdalan

       Whereas previous administrative board of the club consisted of only students from Mathematics Department and Mathematics and Informatics Department. It now comprises students from nine different branches of the university. All students of the Baku Engineering University may be a member of our club.