The importance of the profession of teaching is increasing day by day in the our devoloping society. In this sense, teaching mathematics department is opened in order to train teachers such that have professional skills and wide world view in need of our society.

   In addition to mathematics courses students also take educational courses, psychology, sociology and fundamental of school mathematics to be able to operate educationally. Moreover special attention paid to main sections of school geometry and algebra when the courses such as the technique of teaching high school mathematics, some problems and problem solving strategies of geometry and algebra are taught. Students take educational experience during the period of study.

   The curriculum of the department of mathematics give a chance graduated students to continue their education in the master level and to involve scientific research in various fields of mathematics.


   Baku Engineering University Mathematics Teaching department was established in the academic year 2004-2005. Students learn English during first year. The education during next 4 years is in English. Department of teaching mathematics graduate its first students in the academic year 2008-2009. Totally there are 300 graduated students.


    The primary mission is to bring up teachers who are selected in the sense of having global and national values, being justice and strong-minded, being considerate human rights and others thoughts,  improving itself continuously, researching and analyzing, developing skill of communication. Our secondary mission is to train students strongly in terms of mathematics if they would like to pursue a career in an academic field.

    In addition, one of the goal of the department is to offer students a Bachelors degree and train them as qualified mathematicians and teachers of mathematics. 

International relations of the department

  1. Being a scientific and pedagogical center of mathematics in Azerbaijan
  2. Having the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  3. Ability of relating written and oral communication forms
  4. Working with groups of different levels


The head of the mathematics education department is  Dr. Rakib Efendiev