About us

The Department of International Relations formed its academic program according to experiences available in Azerbaijan and the world. Azerbaijan, after gaining its independence, has begun to implement an active foreign policy with great success. However, for more successful policy, each state needs high qualified experts in different spheres of international politics and Azerbaijan is not an exception to this rule. That is why the Department of International Relations tries to educate such experts since its foundation. Along with subjects directly related to international relations such as Theories of International Relations, International Law, International Politics, History of International Relations and Foreign Policy, there are also different subjects related to Law and Economics that are taught within the department. New global needs in the educational system that emerged with the globalization process urged us to choose English as the educational language of the department. At the same time, the students are able to choose one of the foreign languages – German, French and Russian – as the second foreign language. The students graduated from our faculty can find jobs either in governmental or in private sectors.



Republic of Azerbaijan began its active foreign policy after getting independence from the Soviet Union. Undoubtedly, besides the new opportunities this new era brought also some new challenges and necessities to an agenda. Overall need of the country in highly qualified persons was also of priority in foreign policy area.

In this sense, the establishment of Department of International Relations (IR) at BE University is much more valuable from the mentioned perspective of necessity of the society. Therefore, one of the main objectives of the program is to prepare highly qualified experts in an area of IR meeting the requirements of both national and international levels. In addition, bringing up young fellows capable to conduct the independent researches not only in IR, but generally in social sciences is among the goals of the program.



The curriciulum of the programme was formed with taking the experiences of prominent related institutions functioning in Azerbaijan and different parts of the world into account. Within the program wide range of compulsory and elective courses on the theories and history of international relations, world politics, foreign policy, international law,  international organizations and law and economics  as well, are being offered.

The program offers both BA and MA degrees in international relations. The language of education in BA degree is English, whereas the language of MA degree is Azerbaijani.

In BA degree first full academic year is devoted to the English language preparation of students. During the 5 year bachleor education period beside their specialization area students also gain chance to learn one of the languages from French, Russian and German chosen up to their wish as a second foreign language.

The program also considers the possibilities for the productive internship of students in various local and international, both governmental and non-governmental institutions including Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Azerbaijan, various local offices of  international organizations. It is directly related to the quality of education offerd by the program that, students graduated from the programme are wellcome by various employers both in public and private spheres.


Learning Outcomes


The posession of graduate students from International Relations the following qualities and features are of high priority for the programme:

  • to have strong theoretical and methodological background thanks to the offered courses related to various issues of international relations within the programme;
  • to be aware of the ways of appropriate usage of the earned background either in future practical field, or in academic researshes;
  • to understand the evalutionary way of theories and history of IR  in depth and to be able to predict the counters of its future development;
  • to be able to define the fundemental issues of contemporary international relations and always to have independent position;
  • to be able to express his/her own ideas, thoughts and judgements related to the main issues of IR on academic level in Azerbaijani and English languages both orally and in written form;
  • to be able to produce critical and analytical approaches to the national, regional and global processes of contemporaray IR;
  • to be loyal to the ethic (moral) values required during the independent academic researches;
  • along the intellectual quality that can contribute to the overall development of society, to posses the spiritual qualities as well.