Graduate Level (Masters Degree) Admission Rules

   Admission procedure of the graduate degree students is carried out in a centralized testing form by the State Examination Center (SEC) due to following rules/regulations:

 General Rules

Cizitens of Azerbaijan Republic

   Bachelors and other individuals with higher education degree (hereafter referred as bachelors) are eligible to pursue their education on the Masters level at the Higher Educational Institutions (HEI).

   Admission to the master programs of the Higher Educational Institution is arranged into groups based on specialization areas and program tracks. Admission examination consists of two stages. In the first stage general intellectual level (logical thinking), knowledge of computing and foreign language qualifications of the candidates for the bachelor degree are evaluated by testing. Bachelor candidates, whose test results meet the requirements of the SEC, are admitted to the second stage and they are tested in order to assess their knowledge of the major specialization subject.

   Bachelor students, where Azerbaijan language is the primary language of education, are eligible to choose English, German, French or Russian as an alternative foreign language. However, bachelor students, where Russian is the primary language of education, can choose only English, German, and French as an alternative foreign language.

   Bachelors intending of choose specialization tracks such as Azerbaijan Philology or History may choose Arabic or Persian (Farsi) as a foreign language. Bachelors who want to be admitted to the specializations on philology, linguistics and in the field of translation are not allowed to choose specialization language as a foreign language. Bachelors planning to pursue their future education in philology, linguistics, or translation tracks are not allowed to choose their specialization language as their foreign language. Prospective students who targets specializations that are taught in English, can choose only English as their foreign language. In addition, the scores they get on English language proficiency exam need to correspond to SEC’s admission specialization requirements.

International Applicants

   International students and individuals with no country of citizenship – if not specified in appropriate intergovernmental agreements or other related legislations – are required to sustain their own financial support in order to pursue their degree at Masters level.

   International students who graduated in foreign countries and individuals without nationality are required to take specialization assessment exams and foreign language proficiency tests at Baku Engineering University. In addition, they will be interviewed if required.

   International students and individuals with no country of citizenship, holding bachelor degree diplomas from foreign universities, are eligible to become master students after having passed Azerbaijan language proficiency exam. For more detailed information please contact relevant graduate department.

Application Submissions

   Applicants are required to fill in electronic application form, available at SEC’s website ( Applicants also need to submit required list of documents, emphasized at SEC’s website, to the corresponding Commission for the Reception of Documents (CRD).

Specialty Choice

  After the announcement of the entrance examination results bachelor students who are admitted to the second stage select proper programs and majors. In the second phase, applicants make selection of the specialties which is relevant to bachelor degree major. After the selection prospective students are required to submit their online applications, within the selected admission program, in the “Electronic Specialty Choice Application” form during specified period of time. The sequence of the selected specialties, shown in the electronic application form, is accepted as a legitimate base in the elimination phase and candidates are placed to the pertinent specialty with respect to their admission score.

Competition Rules

   Admission of the nominees is based on the total score (sum of the scores) of the two staged admission assessment. Bachelor students are assigned to the relevant majors in accordance with the sequence of the specialization areas, which they designate in the application form, by considering the framework of the admission plan of the Azerbaijan Republic. In order to be qualified for the selection of the majors, taught in English, and to be considered eligible for the participation in the competition the minimum required score of the English language proficiency exam needs to be at least 20.

Other Details

   Admitted bachelor students must submit required documents and register prior to deadline. Students failing to submit required documents and register prior to deadline will be considered as “dropped” students.

   Note: For more detailed information concerning admission rules please refer to SEC’s website or special issue of “Abiturient” journal, published every year before admissions.