Kamran Abilov

Department:  Educational and methodological center

Position: Chief

Email: kaabilov@beu.edu.az


  • Master's degree, Azerbaijan Technical University, Industrial Electronics. - July 2001. Diploma #MNA 001378
  • Bachelor's degree,Azerbaijan Technical University, Industrial Electronics (Electronics and Micro-electronics). - June1999. Diploma #A 017560


Baku Engineering University Department of Education

Department of Education carries out the following functions related to the student quota at unieversity

  1. Carring out newly admitted students’ registration to electronic system, forming studentts’ personal affairs, preparing the admission to the I course based on SSAC protocols and letter.
  2. Organizing students contract.
  3. Preparing and presenting student cards.
  4. Preparing different orders on  the student admission, exit, academic leave, change of surname, scholarships, students’ restoration, relocation, and graduation.
  5. Including student guidelines to “Electronic Information System” ,joining papers.
  6. Organizing work with” Student-Graduate” state electronic information system , including all required information  to the system.
  7. Indentifying students who will receive scholarship each semester.
  8. Obtaining graduates’ diploma from the Ministry of Education, writing and signing, issuing register, and giving diploma to graduates.
  9. Including information about graduates into “Education Management Information System" of the Ministry of Education.
  10. Monitoring the proper preparation of Bachelor’s thesis, organizing  on-time delivery of protocols.
  11. Giving certificates and transcripts to the students.
  12. Preparing different statistics on students required from university.
  13.  Responding to the letters from  the Ministry of Education and other organizations about the students’ quota at the university.