Social living conditions and dormitories at BEU


   Dormitories of the students meet the most up-to-date requirements. There are two large dormitories for boys and girls. Each of the 75 rooms in the dormitory is for 4 people. All floors are equipped with a rest zone and study rooms.  Rich library, conference and fitness halls, catering and household services are in operation in the building. Two buffets and cafeterias serving studenwith three different foods per day are available in both buildings.

   There are laundry and tailor-made rooms in the dormitories. The common areas and student rooms are cleaned every day by cleaning staff. At the same time, fire protection equipments and fire alarm systems are installed in the rooms and corridors. There are 1 library and 4 reading rooms in the dormitory. Conference hall for 120 people is available in order to hold events and seminars.

   Gym with modern equipments, table tennis room, basketball, volleyball and artificial turf stadium are available for improving physical activity of the students.

   The dormitories are provided with water, electricity, heating and communication lines, and boiler-house is available. Comprehensive opportunity has been created for students to spend leisure time.