General Information


Dormitory facilities are equipped with study rooms, satellite TVs, libraries, cafeterias, tennis courts, high speed internet, laundry services, parking lots, etc. to ensure high living standards and boost academic and social activities of the students. In addition, special halls are equipped with projectors to encourage visual activities of the students and help students to improve their language skills.

Dormitory operates 7/24 and the administration arranges student orientation meetings, surveys, and other performance measurement strategies to ensure student satisfaction. Dormitory staff members are eager to provide psychological support and advice to students in need and help them to get used to dormitory life and social environment.

University organizes a variety of trips, ice-breaking activities, sport and cultural events to bond and socialize international and domestic students. Students are encouraged to learn the cultural and social life of Azerbaijan, traditions and customs of different regions, and other peculiarities in order to alleviate cultural shocks experienced by the prospective international students.



Qafqaz University currently outsources food services to private firm in order to keep the quality of meals and services at high level. University offers multiple choice menus with hot meals, breakfast, all kinds of burgers, snacks, shawarma, etc.



University cafeteria serves the students and the staff every day from 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM.


Student Competitions

University holds different sport competitions to motivate students.


 Services and Resources

 Medical Service

  • 24 hour medical aid
  • Consulting
  • Measuring blood pressure and fever
  • Bandage (burns, cuts, bruises, etc.)
  • Provision of medication
  • Referrals (if necessary)
  • Other health services


 Dormitory Safety

7/24 Campus Safety

University Campus area is equipped with cameras and other up-to-date technology to meet maximum security standards and requirements. All security-related events are recorded, intervened, and reported accordingly to the relevant safety units.


Campus Entrance Control

Control unit at the university entrance is responsible for the control of individuals and vehicles. Students and staff members are provided with ID cards and required to present them at the campus entrance.



Dormitory public areas used by the students and others are regularly cleaned by the cleaning staff members of our university. Dormitory Administration coordinates and regulates cleaning process in order not to intervene personal comfort and privacy of the students. Great attention is given to hygiene at the dormitory facilities. Dormitory Administration is, especially, carefully using health friendly chemicals and cleaning materials taking into consideration allergic conditions of the students. Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms on a previously designated cleaning date.


Central heating system and hot water

University provides students with 7/24 hot water. All university buildings and facilities are equipped with central heating system.



Students have access to laundries, dryers, and ironing tables.


Rooms for Leisure

Our dormitory facilities offer students satellite TV, high speed internet connection and rooms where they can socialize and rest.



Internet café, located at the dormitories, provides students with internet access at their comfort.


Drinking Water

Students are provided with free drinking water at the dormitories.


Conferences and Seminars

University administration holds conferences and seminars to prepare, educate and inform students on different topics and issues.



Library services and facilities provide students with immense book collection, worldwide library access and materials.