Doctoral Department of Baku Engineering University

The preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the Republic of Azerbaijan is implemented through doctorate which is the highest level of the higher education and end with issuance of relevant academic degrees(doctor of philosophy, doctor of science)

Education is carried out on programs of the doctor of philosophy and doctor of science.

Doctoral degree  is carried out on a full time (in work)  and part time education(out of the work).

Higher education institutions and scientific organizations carrying out PhD education also implement scientific and pedagogical personnel training through the dissertation .
Education is carried out at the expense of state and on a paid basis.

A stint of education in PhD program is accordingly: 3 years in full time education, 4 years in part time education, and 4 years through dissertation.

A stint of education in Doctor of Science degree program is accoringly: 4 years in full time education, 5 years in part time education, and 5 years in through dissertation.During its activity postgraduate department has helped the preparation of scientifically-qualified specialists for other higer education and scientific research institutions in the region.