Justification of relevance of the department (specialty)

The department offers a bachelor's degree in Chemistry Education in English. In the first year of education, students are taught English intensively for one year.

Our graduates can also carry out their professional activities in general education, special education institutions, higher education institutions, and other organizations in accordance with their professional level.

Over recent years, the number of secondary schools and lyceums (colleges) throughout the country, teaching within the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSE), taught in the United States and some of the leading European countries, increases. Those schools need educated, patriotic teachers who teach chemistry in English and who meet modern standards. It is important to note how necessary this specialty is, because the graduates of the Chemistry Education specialty at the Faculty of Education, Baku Engineering University meets those needs.

Goal of the department

The main goal of the department is to train students in the modern methods and techniques  to become teachers answer international standards. Moreover, they have high-level, strong specialization and pedagogical knowledge, self-confidence, scientific research ability, national and universal values. Students who successfully complete Chemistry Education qualifications acquire a bachelor's degree and, because of  their higher education, have the opportunity to either start their career directly or continue their education at the Master's Degree under existing admission rules.

Directions of the department

The Department of Chemistry has started its activity in 2016-2017 academic year, on February 15, at the Faculty of Education, Baku Engineering University.

Chemistry Department of Education Faculty of Baku Engineering University trains a bachelor degree in Chemistry Education, Chemistry-Biology Education, and a master degree in Organic Chemistry. Currently, Ph.D Elmar Imanov is leading the Department of Chemistry.    

Academic staff of the department

There are  totally 9 co-workers- 7 full-time and 2 part-time in the Chemistry Department.  

- Ph.D Imanov Elmar Vagif (Head of the Department)

- Ph.D Rzayev Ramil Sulduz (Senior Lecturer)

- Punhan Jamalov Camaladdin (Senior Lecturer)

- Ph.D Ganira Balakishiyeva Babashirin (Teacher)

- Ph.D Fakhriya Mammadova Tahir (Teacher)

- Parvin Mammadli Rovshan (Assistant)

- Sabina Jafarova Akif (Assistant)

- Rasul Rahimov Safgulu (Laborant)

- Natiqe Guluyeva Rahim (Laborant)

Foreign and local connections of the department

Employees of the department collobarate in the scientific research and other fields with Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry Institute of ANAS, Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Institute of Polymer Materials, Institute of Radiation Problems, Baku State University, Nakhchivan State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and other scientific, educational, industrial organizations.

The role of the department in career and practice of students

The pedagogical experience provided in the curriculum of the department is carried out in modern English-language schools in Baku.

Our students, who have a pedagogical experience at XXI Century İnternational Study and Innovation Center, Azerbaijan British College, Lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva, and Istak Lyceum  are skillfully using the schools' electronic resources, as well as laboratory equipments. Many of our students have international language certificates on TOEFL or IELTS, their high level preparation attracts the attention of the senior executives of the schools and they offer job to those students. On the other hand, our students gain Master's degree both in Azerbaijan and abroad, as well as their success in the teaching exams are the sign of their capabilities and patriotism.

Material and technical basis of the department (laboratories)

There are laboratories for the high level of teaching at the Department of Chemistry, our rich library contains textbooks taught at the leading world universities, smart boards and projectors used in classrooms.

-Laboratories are designed to provide students with practical and experimental work, as well as used in the form of training seminars and research in different fields. Our laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and experiment sets, special lighting, centralized power supply system, shelf design and installation of the sets provide practical training.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory



Analytical Chemistry Laboratory



General and İnorganic Chemistry Laboratory



Organic Chemistry Laboratory


- Our library contains more than 2000 chemistry books and electron materials taught at world's top universities.

 Scientific and social activity of the department for students

Playing an important role in the academic and social life of students, numerous student associations and student scientific community are active in our university.

"III Winter Science Fair" was held by Student Scientific Society of Baku Engineering University on 21 December, 2017. The second course students of Chemistry Faculty attended as four groups and one of them was awarded by 3rd place. In addition, our students assisted to the organizing process actively.



Students of the Chemistry Department together with the students of the Department of Chemical Engineering participated in the opening ceremony of the II Azerbaijan Science Fair held at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.



Our students at the Winter Science Fair at Azerbaijan British College   


Participation of our students in the ‘P & EMakers' Days event at Baku Engineering University