General Information

Azerbaijan has vast amount of petroleum and natural gas reserves and a growing energy industry. It is a fact that only highly qualified and globally competent cadre of engineers can make this industry run. The role of the local educational institutions in preparing the next generation of engineers to fulfill the increasing industry needs is undisputable. Historically, Azerbaijan has been boasting with its famous engineers who have played a detrimental role in the exploration and production of major oil and gas fields not only in Azerbaijan, but also in many other parts of the globe. 
For sustaining growing demands of industry in Azerbaijan, Chemical Engineering Department was established in Baku Engineering University in 2016. 

General Information/ Chair’s welcome 

We are delighted to see you here at our website which offers detailed information about our chemical engineering program. It is a fact that the engineering education worldwide has been undergoing progressive changes in the recent years. Azerbaijani universities also face the challenge of “catching up” with those changes. Azerbaijani engineers graduating from local universities are not only expected to know the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry and related technical knowledge, but also should be capable of exercising leadership, managing complicated business tasks, and being ready to adapt to the fast changing requirements of the energy industry. Thus, it is extremely important for BEU to be able to follow the pace of developments in the industry. We believe in updating our curriculum regularly through continual conversations with the industry. 

The Chemical Engineering department has enough resources for undergraduate study which includes well equipped labs and library facilities; and the academic environment encourage students for leaning engineering discipline.

Please feel free to get in touch with us any time you’d like to schedule a visit.

   Warm Regards,


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusif Abdullayev,  

General Information/ Mission


Setting up a modern Chemical Engineering program with all the relevant labs and curriculum by

  • Establishing up-to-date labs.
  • Fine-tuning the curriculum to meet the present industrial demand.
  • Involving the industry in the whole process.
  • Recruiting the best students possible.

The project will help:

  • both the oil and non-oil sectors in Azerbaijan; thus serving the countrys development,
  • gain more prestige,
  • enlargement the BEU School of Engineering,
  • become a more research-centered university.


General Information/ Vision

The vision of the department is to be an internationally recognized undergraduate chemical engineering program coupled with research strengths in process safety, process systems engineering, applied thermodynamics, organic technologies, oil and gas technologies and biochemical enginering.

Activities / Internships

All students studying in Chemical Engineering Department of BEU, has possibility to use well equiped laborotories and provide researches in the field of Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Process Design, Internal Combustion Engines, Process Optimization and Manufacturing. 

Activities / Research and articles

Our research activities are provided in BEU and some other national and international research centers.

Laboratories / Chemical Engineering Lab (I)

In the Unit Operations Laboratory students get principles and practical applications of chemical engineering.  The laboratory has equipments that characterize unit operations. The equipments include distillation columns, counter-current heat exchangers, ion exchange units, gas absorption and liquid-liquid extraction columns, drying units etc. Students have opportunity to solve engineering problems in this lab.

Laboratories / Chemical Engineering Lab (I)

Process Engineering Lab

Process engineering lab specializes on the operation, control, design, and optimization processes through the support of systematic computer control. This lab covers a wide-range of industries, for instance mineral processing, food, pharmaceutical engineering.


Laboratories / Physical Chemistry Lab

The aim of the labs is to provide an introduction to physical processes. Undergraduates effort to demonstrate systematically the experimental basis of observations. Various principles will be illustrated in the lab.

Laboratories / Organic Chemistry Lab

The organic chemistry laboratory provides a unique opportunity to do the reactions with organic substances and utilizing technique of basic apparatuses. Well-equipped lab also offers highly qualified research facilities

Laboratories / Analytical Chemistry Lab

Analytical method consisting of a separation step and qualitative analysis is essential element of the separation step. Identification of the content of the analytes is an important adjunct to quantitative analysis.

Laboratories / General Chemistry Lab

Laboratory is designed to demonstrate and support principles and concepts of General Chemistry main topics.  In addition the laboratory familiarity provides students experiences in collecting and analyzing data, writing laboratory reports, and using reference materials.  During the course there is an importance on laboratory safety and accurate laboratory techniques.

Advisory Board


The mission of the  Chemical Engineering Advisory Board is to provide feedback and support for departmental education and research goals. The Advisory Board serves a key role in our undergraduate degree accreditation process, vetting program assessment and changes related to continuous improvement and serving as a resource for industry needs with respect to program graduates. The Advisory Board also provides input on the graduate program and research, bringing perspectives from other academic departments and government laboratories.

Contact us

Baku Engineering University, Chair of Chemical Engineering

Khirdalan city, Hasan Aliyev str. 120, AZ0101

Absheron, Baki, Azerbaycan

tel. (+994) 448 28 62-66