Career Planning center (CPC)

Career Planning Center directs individuals to recognize themselves, to prepare for business world and to achieve success at every step of business career. The importance of this center from point view of forming and developing relationships with Business World can not be denied.

The purpose of the center run as follows:

          To organize seminar and course programs in the direction of student and master degree students development; 

  • Consultant services –to bring new opinions and investigations to the attention of students and companies; 
  • To help 1st and 2nd year students to form a career planning opinion;  
  • To help students preparing to graduate from university to hold a successful place in the society;  
  • To provide co-operation and good relationship between university and the alumni;
  • To provide internship of students in public and private sectors with the guidance of faculty deans;
  • To increase employment level among alumni by having relationship with companies.  


Our Mission:

 To help bachelor and master degree students of BEU to achieve self development,

  To develop relationship between BEU and Business World.

 Our Vision:

 To support the development of bachelor and master degree students with modern methods in compliance with the principles Quality Contorl Service.


The role of University in Career Planning

One of the problems students and graduates face is to find profession based job places. Companies are in search of qualified and ready people.  So, in the preparation of professionals the demands of Business world must be taken into consideration. The process of preparating professional specialits in compliance with the demand of Business World   is not only complex but also it plays a  very important role in the preparation of specialists. This process is the career planning activities which are unreplacabele activities of Universities.


What is career planning ?

Career Planning is the process of improving ourselves from professional and personal point of view taking into consideration necessary trainings while carrying out tasks determined for us. .

The word “career” can be explained as “unlimited road”if we try to to say it in a classic way. Because, in the real sense of the word,  there is no end for improving oneself.