In a modern world where the various government spheres grow rapidly - countries give special priority to increased public welfare within the framework and development of education, healthcare and economy.

Professional cadres and staff who have acquired high level education and meet the requirements of ongoing technological changes comprise the main attributes, in addition to other significant affecting factors, leading to the development of these spheres.

Preparation of these cadres is one of the key priorities of the university. Not only do universities play crucial role in the education process of these individuals, they also serve as the core basis for knowledge enhancement and research development.

All these factors, no doubt, support business world’s needs and requirements, and comprise vital points required by the industrial enterprises, organizations, government agencies, businesses and firms. The outcome of the conducted scientific researches, academicians carrying out these studies, and qualified personnel ensures that public and private organizations reach desired goals.

It’s also important factor for universities to learn the requirements of business world and its environment, practical conditions of life, practical problems and choose their functional principles in this direction.

In addition, different principles such as exploring the requirements of the business world, getting adjusted to the business environment, and finding solution to the practical problems of business milieu are core values for Higher Education Institutions to pursue.

All mentioned factors demonstrate the importance of cooperation between business world and universities.

This collaboration refers to scientific, technical, economic and administrative partnership which emerged as a result of joint combination of the data collection information base and manpower of the universities with the experience and financial power of the business world.

Qafqaz University supports the partnership between university and business world by focusing on training required experts and workforce for business world and organizing seminars, business oriented consulting workshops, projects, etc. aiming to share its academic experience base in the required spheres. 

On behalf of Qafqaz University, we invite you to strengthen the collaboration and cooperation between university and business world.