Actuality of the Department (Speciality)

    Department introduces high-level education in Biology teaching on the bachelor degree in English. On the first year of education, students are intensively training on English for their further improvement.

    Our graduates can perform in government or private schools, irrespectively from the ownership form, specialized educational institutes including gymnasium, lyceum and vocational educational institutes, secondary or high schools as well in other institution according to their speciality.

     Nowadays, the increasing number of secondary schools based on IB-International Baccalaureate and IGSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education systems, has created a need for teachers with advanced teaching abilities and the importance of   Biology Department of Baku Engineering University. 

Aim of the Department

    The Department of Biology aims at producing teachers in biology oriented to meet needs of the multinational accepted standards in qualified professionals respecting national and values, high-level knowledge in biology as well as in pedagogy, self-confidence, critical thinking skills and research experience.

     Students successfully graduated from our Department with the bachelor degree can begin their career or continue their education according to current education programs.

           Basic trends of the Department

   The Department of Biology has been established on 15th of the February in 2016 under Baku Engineering University. The department is promoted and tenured based upon a critical review of the performance of teaching, research or other creative activities, and service to the department and the university by producing Biology teachers (code 050110).

Staff of the Department

  Department of biology provides education with 6 full time and 4 hourly teachers and 1 laboratory assistant including 3 associated professors, 3 Ph. Doctors and 5 Master Degree.  The average age is 36±3 for academic and administrative staff. Recruitment process of teachers and partners are carried out by University administration signing the labor contract.

International and local relations of the Department

    All members of the Department are taking place on education continuing programs for the doctoral degree in ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) and BSU (Baku State University). PhD Adil Aminov has applied for doctoral education in Institute of Physiology of ANAS and associated prof. R.Salimov is continuing his doctoral education in Institute of Botany of ANAS.  Ph.D.Anar Gojayev is doctoral student in Institute of Genetic Resources of ANAS. Elvin Huseynov is PhD candidate at Baku State University. Elshad Yunusov and Anar Majidov are PhD students of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Afaq Rzaeva is PhD student of Institute of Dendrology of ANAS. 

Career and practical improvement of graduates of the Department

    Pedagogical practice for graduates of our department has been provided at modern English language teaching schools and secondary schools in Baku as European Azerbaijan school, Istak lyceum, XXI century school, British school and others. During performed lessons, students of our Department have successfully used modern and advanced resources of technology in their classes.  Due to foreign language skills, most of our students have been earned international IELTS and TOEFL certifications. Our students' preparation has been noted distinctly by senior workers of schools.

Labs and Equipment of the Department

     Biology Laboratory of the University started to operate in 2015-2016 education year. Our laboratory has designed for providing fully equipped work-space that support a diverse range of research and training for 32 students at the same time. Moreover, training, seminars (workshop) and researches done in various fields have been provided.

    The Laboratory of Biology is equipped with modern lab furniture including modern lightening system, apparatus, machinery and different accessories for contributing dynamic classroom and teaching laboratory experiences to give each student advanced research and scientific skills.

    Instrumentation includes:

 1. Genetic research method – PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)

2. Analytical balance, shakers, mini-centrifuge and micropipettes

3. Biological kits based on genetic, cell and biochemical methods

4. Models for demonstration inner functions of sensory system of human organism

5. Micro laboratory set for environmental monitoring

6. Perpetual anatomic models of human, plant and animal organisms

7. Functional physiological models

8. Light, polarized, digital and stereomicroscopes

9. Advanced equipment for DNA analysis

10. Different apparatus for measuring several parameters of living organisms

11. Dissection set for simple or complicated sections

12.Various animal and plant examples

13. Animal edification training set

   All these accessories provide a student with lab research opportunities relevant to bachelor and master education programs.  The Laboratory of Biology aims to support several kinds of learning and faculty-student researches. For example, UV sterilization cabinet effectively sterilizes stored materials and can be used for different microbiological and bacteriological researches. Moreover, there are necessary accessories for researches in molecular biology, DNA, plant anatomy, physiology, ecology and animal anatomy.

Payment required experiments are mainly basic biological living objects for the laboratory (mousses, plants, frogs and etc.)

    By providing required apparatus and materials, several scientific researchers on genetic engineering, biotechnology can be organized in the Laboratory of Biology.

Student-centered scientific and social activity of the Department

Graduates of the Department of Biology:

    Will be wielded scientific and practical knowledge on biology, simple programming techniques and active teaching skills

    Will earn advanced skills to use national curriculum standards and modern education methods for their subjects

    Will be able to meet personal needs in education and adapt teaching techniques for each student

    Will be ready to give lessons at any level of education process at school and will be able to use modern classroom leading methods

    Will be capable of using analytic results of various laboratory techniques, biological methods, rules in the area of their specialization.

    Will be able to use foreign languages for scientific relationships.

    Will be wielded deep practical-scientific knowledge and skills for continuing their education for master´s or doctoral degree 

    Will be able to use their knowledge and skills in independent researches on professional field

    Will be able to learn communication, problem-solving, analytical thinking skill as the first step of career development.