Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku Engineering University announces a competition for holding a following vacant positions:


A dean of the faculty:

1.Engineering Faculty

2.Faculty of Pedagogy

3.Faculty of Economics

Vacant positions on the head of departments and chairs:

Mechanical Engineering:  -associate professor, 2 places; senior lecturer, 2 places, lecturer, 1 place

Chemical Engineering:   - associate professor – 1place; senior lecturer – 2 places; lecturer- 2places

Industrial Engineering:  -the head of department; senior lecturer- 1 place

World Economy: -  senior lecturer – 2places; lecturer- 2places

Finance: - associate professor – 1place; senior lecturer- 2places; lecturer-  2places

Public Administration: - associate professor – 1place; senior lecturer- 1place

Accounting and Auditing: - senior lecturer – 2places; lecturer- 1 place

Physics: – associate professor- 1place; senior lecturer- 2places;  lecturer - 2 places

 Riyaziyyat:-  senior lecturer – 2places; lecturer- 1place

Mathematics and Informatics: -  senior lecturer – 2places

Chemistry: - associate professor – 1place

English Language and Literature: - associate professor - 1 place

Foreign Language:  – associate professor- 1 place

Biology:  – senior lecturer- 2places; lecturer- 2places

Social Sciences- the head of department;  senior lecturer – 4places; lecturer- 1 place


Documents to participate in the competition are accepted within one month from the date of its announcement according to "Rules for keeping positions of deputy head of the department, dean and dean of higher education institutions" approved by the Decree No 5/5 dated 15.11.2017 of the Board of the Ministry of Education, and the Regulation "On the rules of keeping professorial-teacher positions in higher education institutions" approved by the order of 40.08 dated 07.08.1996

Training is conducted in Azerbaijan and English languages.


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