Alumni Relations Sector

University fairly proud of In basis of the proportion of graduates’ employment. Assisting
their graduates for getting job in 2017, University is thinking about their fortune. As a
result of the special center’s efforts, until now, part of graduates found a job, the vast
majority of the other part continue their study at master degree in state’ and at foreign
universities. By keeping in touch with Business Life, University frequently holding
meetings with local and foreign companies. In order to intern in different companies
operating in Azerbaijan University creating chances for students. Companies, praised
by rigorous discipline, by strong material and technical base, and also by objectivity are
directly applying to University. The quality of education in this University is proved by
the fact of companies’ choices of future employees within students of the University.
Baku Engineering University is growing year-by- year and its quantity of graduates
increases annually. In order to make growing potential of graduates more active,
coordinated and useful, it was decided to build up the Department of Relations with
Graduates. Our department tries to keep in touch with our graduates inside or outside
the country.
Our graduates are working in many countries: USA, Canada, Columbia, Russia,
Germany, Australia, Sudan, Check Republic, Denmark, France, England, Sweden, Italy,
Mexico, Kazakhstan, Japan, Turkey and etc.
By our Gmail group of graduates ( we announce
about latest innovations, activities, vacations, events, seminars. Our graduates are
sharing with their knowledge, feelings and new.
We are keeping in touch frequently with our jobless graduates and announcing latest
job places and vacations.
We are greeting, giving useful advices, helping and taking offers from our graduates
who visit their former University.