Coordinating Unit for Alumni

As a university we feel proud due to high employment rate statistics of its graduates. Having achieved satisfactory employment of its first graduates in 1998, Qafqaz University is still contributing vast efforts to sustain career development activities and opportunities for its future graduates. The statistical data collected over years indicates that provided with the help of special student oriented centers approximately 80 percent of the graduates are employed and the majority of the remaining students are pursuing their master and doctoral degrees. University administration forms business related meetings and seminars with the leading faces of local and international business world. Students are eligible to take advantage of different internship opportunities in Turkey and Azerbaijan which would enhance their practice, lead to success and experience. Organizations and companies praising strict discipline, strong knowledge base, and objectivity are partnering and recruiting graduates continuously. For instance, contract agreement with the initiatives of BP Azerbaijan and Qafqaz University which endorses recruitment of future employees from graduates is an obvious example and proof.

The more Qafqaz University gains prestige and recognized internationally and nationally, the more it grows and develops. Coordinating Unit for Alumni (CUA) was established in 2002 with the primary goal of coordinating alumni potential more actively and efficiently. Networking activities of CUA with the alumni associations of Azerbaijan universities carries vast significance as it promotes the launch of different alumni oriented events. Currently the number of the graduates exceeds three thousand. Majority of the graduates are employed in different national public and private companies, state owned institutions or running their own private businesses. The percentage of unemployed alumni is considerably low. In addition to the nationwide employed alumni, the graduates of Qafqaz University are also working in 46 different countries of the world such as: America, Canada, Colombia, Russia, Germany, Australia, Republic of North Africa, Sudan, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, England, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Japan, Turkey and etc.

Given the challenge of ever-growing alumni numbers and dispersion, it is significant to keep alumni informed about ongoing news, formed meetings, events, latest innovations, recent activities, available job vacancies and seminars, all of which are realized via Alumni Yahoo Group ( Currently, the number of active group members exceeds fifteen hundred graduates. Periodic meetings and homecoming events with Qafqaz University alumni members create a win-win situation where both the university and graduates can benefit from mutual share of ideas, offers, opportunities and information. Alumni, visiting the university, are welcomed anytime and provided with necessary advice if needed.


Our Activities

Information regarding graduate students is received from Education and Registration Office and recorded to the Database System each year. The current Database System is being continuously updated as the number of yearly graduate increases.

Current status of alumni

  • Abroad – alumni students located at different world countries are updated via email and kept in touch

        via phone

  • Region – alumni students who are at different regions of the country are visited at least once per year
  • Military – alumni students doing mandatory military service are visited at least once per a year
  • Baku – alumni students working in Baku are visited periodically
  • University – alumni working at our organization are not also forgotten.  Relevant departments meet, interact and acknowledge their ideas and suggestions.


  • Unemployed alumni students are identified either with their help or help of their classmates etc.
  • CV database and list of the unemployed are created
  • Vacant jobs are found and communicated to relevant alumni
  • Unemployed Alumni are kept in contact and sent to the current workplaces.

Job opportunities are determined from different sources:

-Other Alumni
-Career Development Center
-Azinka LLC

Note: University regularly contacts alumni to find out if their unemployment problem has been solved or not. 


  • Teacher – Departments organize meetings with teachers and alumni
  • Alumni – Departments organize meetings among graduates of different years
  • Guest – Guest alumni visiting the university are welcomed
  • Alumni accomplished military service – In July of each year university organize meetings with alumni who has returned from military service