The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Announces admission to the Doctor of the Philosophy Program

For the following specialities for 2018


12- Mathematics

1211.01- Differential equations – 1 place (dissertant, on a paid basis)


20-  Mechanics

2002.01-Mechanics of  deformable solid body– 1 place (dissertant,budget basis)


22- Physics

2206.01- Molecular physics- 1 place(dissertant,on a paid basis)


33-Technical sciences

3338.01- Systematic analysis, management and information development -1 place(dissertant,budget basis)


53- Economic Sciences

5312.01- Field Economy - 1 place doctorate (on a paid basis,correspondence), 1 place (dissertant,on  a paid basis). 



- Application to the Rector;

-Personnel Registration Sheet;


- 4 photos (3x4 cmin size);

- Testimonial from work;

- Extract from the workbook for those with work experience;

- List of published scientific works and abstract on selected specialty;

- Duly certified copy of diploma about graduation from higher educational institution (Certificate on the recognition of educational documents of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan studing abroad);

- Copy of identity card;

- Documents are accepted from 27.12.2017 to 27.01.2018 at Baku Engineering University, Master’s and Doctorate Department.