The rector of Baku Engineering University congratulated the students The rector of Baku Engineering University congratulated the students

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Baku Engineering University also pays special attention to the development of public relations along with the high educational environment established within university. During the academic year, detailed information about the university were given to the public  through press and social networks. Joint projects are being implemented with educational institutions and preparatory courses, excursions of entrants and their parents are organized in the university. As a result of the attention of the university administration to this area, hundreds of applicants have visited the university during the current academic year.

As a result of this successful activity, in the 2018-2019 academic year, 1,113 applicants were admitted to BEU in the first round. Registration of the students are implemented at the university since 16 August. The University official website and social network pages are provided with information about the registration process and their questions are answered.

  The Rector of the University, Professor Havar Mammadov, meets with students and their parents. He congratulates the students, gives information about e-university, the organization of teaching and social life, as well as answers their questions. Parents expresses their gratitude to the administration of the university for the environment created at the university.

  Environment has created fror convenience of students and their parents. During the registration of the students, the parents get acquainted with the university campus and get answers to their questions. It should be noted that the parents and students have  a great interest in dormitories .

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