Seminar entitled “Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Scientific Activities” held at BEU Seminar entitled “Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Scientific Activities” held at BEU

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  Under the organization of Vice-rectorate for Scientific Affairs of BEU, one-day seminar has been held in order to support the effectiveness of scientific activities of the academic staff.

  Rector of the university, professor Havar Mammadov made an opening speech in the first part of seminar. Noting the successful completion of exam session for fall semester, rector emphasized the importance of engaging in scientific activities, alongside with teaching activities. Havar Mammadov has said that lecturers have a potential to write articles, textbooks and methodical textbooks that are to be published in international journals and necessary conditions for them have been created at the university. Each year, lecturers that have publications in internationally indexed journals are rewarded by the university.

 The rector also stressed that special attention should be paid to the training of PhD students and PhD candidates with scientific potential besides the scientific development of the academic staff.

 Then, Elchin Suleymanov, vice-rector for scientific affairs, provided participants with information about the scientific activities and achievements of university staff in 2018. He explained the rules for effective use of scientific resource bases, web resources and individual cabinet opportunities to the university staff. The scientific researchers discussed opportunities for effective use of science metric systems that BEU has subscribed and the methods how to effectively make the scientific publications accessible for the greatest audience.

 In the second part of the program, Isa Gasimov, Head of Technopark, made a speech entitled "The process of commercialization and innovation of science; Korean experience ". He also gave detailed information about the needs and opportunities, added value and money, human resources and changing needs, integration into the higher education process and the market, the "trilateral cooperation" model in the formation of innovation ecosystem, and then the potential opportunities of BEU in this field were discussed.

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