Career Planning Center organized Meetings

Career Planning Center organized Meetings

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Career Planning Center continues to organize company visits for students and to help students find internship opportunities in many different companies. Last several weeks, the center organized some activities. One of them was a visit for the university students to “Europe Group” Company. Representatives of the company and the students had a meeting.

Another meeting was organized between Representatives of Deloitte Company and representatives of the university.

One more meeting between Mace Company and the university students was held. It should be noted that two of these companies (Deloitte and Mace) are well known companies in the world.

Then, a meeting between representatives of Azerphone LLC and representatives of the university was organized. 

The main purposes of these visits and meetings were helping students to build their careers and getting opportunities for internships at these companies. All of these company representatives were very pleased to have the students and representatives of the university at their company. They said that they would help students as much as they can.      

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