At Baku Engineering University took place the event dedicated to the  Day of the Republic on May 28. At Baku Engineering University took place the event dedicated to the Day of the Republic on May 28.

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The event under the name “Yurdum-Yuvam Məskənimsən “ dedicated to the day of the republic

on 28 May was held at Baku Engineering University (BMU). First of all, with a minute of

silence were reminded the martyrs who gave their lives for the independence and sovereignty of

Azerbaijan and then was played the national anthem of the Republic. There with the participation

of the professorial and student team rector of BMU Havar Mammadov congratulated them with

the republic's day. Then the rector spoke about the formation of the Azerbaijan Democratic

Republic, and the reasons for the disintegration after 23 months. He also stressed the role of the

national leader Heydar Aliyev, his historical merit in the establishment of the modern Azerbaijan

state, in its development and recognition in the world. Also he noticed how the Azerbaijani

people using the political, economic, cultural and intellectual potential and disintegration of the

Soviet Union as a result of favorable historical conditions in 1991 due to national will, again

regaining independence joined a number of the independent countries of the UN. Today,

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, as well as the continuation of Heydar Aliyev's policy, is

developing the country. At present, the country has completed the transition of its development

in the social, economic and cultural fields, entered a new phase. In his speech, the rector also

mentioned the activities of the Baku Engineering University. Like the prosperity of our country,

the university also develops. University students take part in local and world olympiads and

achieve good goals. In the end, the rector congratulated everyone on this holiday. At the event,

were shown dances with the participation of students and songs performed by the university


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